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The majority of car sales professionals, as well as dealers, are missing the boat when it comes to blogging.
A blogging strategy for anyone in car sales is one of the best ways to flex your knowledge and expertise (without sounding like a douche) all while building your trust and credibility with the readers in your community.
The biggest mistake that dealers and sales pros are making with their blogging strategy is publishing promotional content only. Talking about the big sale coming up, or the all new rebates and incentives for the latest make and models.
The problem with content like that is it is only for in-market car shoppers that are maybe 2-4% of your marketplace not to mention the same 2-4% that everyone and their mother is trying to scream their message to daily.
When you publish blog posts that are valuable and helpful to not just in- market car shoppers, you are setting yourself up for long-term success in car sales.
The main bottleneck for car salespeople when it comes to blogging is knowing what topics to blog. That is exactly why I created this post. My ass has had its fair share of sitting down to blog, and my brain goes blank.
I do not want you to deal with the same frustrations I once did.
The 21 blog topic examples you are about to get are a great way to get your creative juices flowing and come up with some unique ideas that resonate with your target prospect and market area.

21 Blog Topic Ideas For Car Sales Professionals


1.”Five Ways To Get More Money For Your Trade In Your City/Your State”

This blog topic is a great way to get in front of obvious in-market car shoppers without the same old tired messaging like everyone else.
Everyone wants to get the most money for their current vehicle when trading it in. Give them another solution other than KBB and maybe they won’t go to KBB. Just a thought I had.

2. “How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter In Your City/Your State”

I know I have searched this before in the past, so I bet possible prospects in your market are searching it also. Great value to the reader.
You could use this topic idea for winter, summer, or even ideas to decorate your car for the Holidays. Follow me here?

3. “The Top Ten Safest Cars For 2016”

This one is a no-brainer but rarely utilized. People care about safety so we know they are researching it online.

4. “Roads You Should Avoid In City/Your State”

I wish more people blogged about topics like this because it is certainly information I would value.
You can keep your audience updated on roads under construction or that are closed in your city.

5. “The Top Five Make/Model Video Reviews”

This blog post is an easy one. Just dig into YouTube and find the most popular vehicle reviews on the particular make and model from “Motor Trend,” “Car and Driver”, or any other reputable third party.
Once you find the videos just embed them in a blog post. Brands post to YouTube hoping you will share their videos so go ahead and share them.

6. “The Make, Model Ultimate Buyers Guide”

There is a lack of valuable information about new cars that speaks “human”. Create a post of popular makes/models and dive in deep about it like you do when you are giving a customer a presentation of the vehicle.
Share not only the highlights of the new car but do not be scared to share what you don’t like about the vehicle. Doing so will do wonders for your credibility.

7. “Five Fun & Inexpensive Day Trips For Families In City/State”

Being a father of two boys, I have searched for “local family events” online many times in the past. People love lists of events and cool things to do, and the best part is they use their cars to take them.
Please note I use the number five in most of these examples but feel free use whatever numbers you want.

8. “How To Change The Headlight In A Make/Model Super Fast”

How to change a headlight, change wiper blades, or to pair a smartphone to a car are always high-value blog posts that get lots of traffic.

9. “How To Sell A Car Privately In City/State”

My co-host on The Dealer Playbook Podcast Michael Cirillo came up with this one, and I love it! This blog topic is a great opportunity to show off some of your expertise when it comes to buying and selling cars.
Give them the information they are looking will increase your chances of earning their business now or in the future.

10. “Five Tips For Driving With Your Pet In The Car”

People are very passionate when it comes to their pets and make many of life’s most important decisions with their pet in mind.
Create blog posts that deliver value and educate them when it comes to cars and their pets. For example, easiest to keep clean, the safest for your pet, the easiest to get your pet in and out of or even show them how to travel safely with their pet in the car.

11. “The 3 Best Hamburgers In City/State”

Here you use the high value on a localized level. Talk about how being in car sales means you eat out and or carry out food on the regular so how is anyone going to doubt or test your local hot spot expertise?
People are searching food related topics all the time on the web. Think of yourself and how often you search food topics on a local level at that.

12. “What Motor Trend Says About The All New Make/Model”

Another easy blog posts opportunity where you are curating relevant content from a credible and well-known third party.
Consumers hold a high value on content like this, and it gives you a chance to add your voice and expertise to the third parties review.

13. “How To Check Your Oil Like A Pro”

I used to love grabbing a service tech from the dealership and get them to help me with creating content.
Get a service tech to walk you through and demonstrate how “the certified technicians” get it done. This topic works on multiple maintenance topics on a vehicle also.

14. “The 10 Most Popular Cars In City/State”

Posts like this get a lot of eyeballs. People are always curious about whats hot and whats not.
I came up with this topic idea while searching for the most popular cars where I live. I can’t be the only one searching this.

15. “The Five Cars Auto Insurance Companies Love”

Auto insurance obviously goes hand and hand with a car, and I bet you have seen some deals fall apart because of issues with insurance quote and what not. I know I have.
Be the local expert that is providing this information to your community and your sales will flourish in the long run.
I would highly encourage building relationships with auto insurance professionals in your community and collaborate with them on content opportunities that would benefit you both.
Same goes for this blog topic example and the other auto insurance related blog topics I mention.

16. “The Three Best Auto Insurance Agents In City/State”

Professionals love to see their name in print/online and in most cases share to their audience anytime that it is.
As I mentioned earlier auto insurance and car sales go hand and hand with what provides many blog topic opportunities.
Do some research on auto insurance agents servicing the same market area as you and list the top 3-5 and be sure you share it with those top agents.
Those agents will be quick to share it with their audience that is basically like getting introduced and endorsed by the agent to his/her audience/customers.

17. “Three Tips For Getting The Best Price On Auto Insurance”

Blog posts like this are a dime a dozen when it comes to buying a car, so something that goes hand and hand with a car like car insurance only makes sense.
Providing your audience/customers with helpful information and resources beyond just what has to do with their purchase from you will help skyrocket your credibility and authority.

18. “Five Things Everyone Should Know Before Test Driving A New Car”

This blog topic is another way to communicate with in-market car shoppers in your market area with different messaging than everyone else.
This kind of blog topic can be used multiple ways that provide value to the reader and, of course, differentiates you in your marketplace.

19.”How Buying A Car Can Help Repair Or Establish Your Credit Score”

Credit challenged car buyers are certainly researching their options and what they can and cannot do when they are shopping for a car.
Whether your dealership deals with subprime loans on the regular or not, content that helps and educates credit challenged consumers is always a good idea.
You have plenty of blog post topics when it comes to buying a car with bad credit. Start publishing them.

20.”How To Easily Buy A New Car In Another State, Without Seeing It”

As a car sales, professional things that are obvious to you are not obvious to others.
Helping someone with valuable, professional advice on buying their new car from a state or two away might not get you the sale this time around but will increase your chance of earning their business or getting a referral from them in the future.
People in your market area are going to get the information they want from someone online, not make it be you? That is how I look at it.

21.”The 3 Best New Cars For Small Families”

You can use this blog topic with small families, construction companies, small businesses, young professionals and any other segment.
Create posts like this about the buyer segment you are targeting. You will see results.

21 Blog Post Ideas For A Car Salespersons Website

I hope out of those 21 blog post ideas you gained some new ideas and inspiration to either launch your car pro blog or step up your game on your current blog.
Differentiating yourself in your marketplace is nothing new and a consistent blog that delivers value to your readers is one of the best ways you can do just that.
It is very easy to allow yourself to procrastinate when it comes to blogging, so punch that in the face and open up a new document and use the twenty-one examples above to help you start cranking out blog posts that are valuable and helpful.
If you are a car sales professional, who has a blogging strategy post your feedback and link to your blog in the comments section below. I would love to check it out!
If you are a car sales professional who wants to start a blog and blog strategy, I would love to help. Shoot me an email at and we will work out your strategy together.
Check out this video I did on blogging for car salespeople a little while back.