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In car sales, it is very important to bring “The Wow” when working with prospects.
“The Wow” is what will get your prospects to not just buy a car or truck from you, but also will influence them to send you anyone they know who is in the market for a new vehicle.
In this session of the go-to car sales podcast “The Car Pro Insider”, you will learn three easy tips anyone can start doing right now that will help you wow more prospects, sell more cars, and cash bigger commission checks.

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1. Customers Name On The Car

When you have a customer scheduled to come in, most cases they will be coming to see a specific make and model or if it’s used, it is a specific unit.
I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are pulling whatever vehicle the customer wants to see and parking it out front or somewhere close at the least.
You want to find a spot to park the vehicle so that when your customer is pulling into the dealership they will see the car.
After you have the car spiffed up and spray some of that new car smell freshener, you will want to print out on a piece of paper in large easy to read letters “Reserved For Suzie Customer,” and you want to tape this in the middle of the cars windshield from the inside.
What this does is when your customer is pulling into the dealership they will see the car you have pulled up for them and then will see their name on the windshield and without knowing they start taking mental ownership.
The customer will see their name in the window of the car they came to see, and they will say to their spouse/friend/kids/themselves “look, there is my car.” Boom!
Not only will your customer start taking mental ownership by seeing their name in the car’s windshield, but they will also feel like the red carpet is rolled out for them and is something the dealer up the block is not doing.
Putting this tip into action takes no time at all, costs you no money, but I guarantee if you do it, you will make money. No doubt.

2. Review The Itinerary With The Customer

After you make sure your customer see’s the car they came to see with their name in the windshield, it is time to sit them down and review the itinerary for their visit today.
Before your appointment arrives at the dealership, you will need to compile their “file”.
The file should consist of a printout of the customers actual lead submission, a printout of the actual vehicle they are interested in, and also printouts of any and all email correspondence you may have had with them.
The last document you need to add to the file and will be the page one of their file you could say is the step by step itinerary.
The itinerary is just a printout that lists and details each step in the sequence of how their visit is going to play out.
Imagine sitting across from your customer and saying:

“Ok first thing I want to do before we start having some fun is review with you what we are going to do today and make sure it is all good with you. We want you to be comfortable and always know what is going on now and what is happening next. That way you have absolutely zero surprises. Sound good?”

From there you want to start going down the list in order of what is going to happen on their visit. Cover it all. From the presentation, the test drive, appraisal on their car, to agreeing on numbers and the business office. All of it. 100% transparent.
The last thing you want to say to the customer is “and then after that, you will be driving home in your new car,(with a smile)sound good? The customer always will say yes and boom just like that they are yet again taking mental ownership.
Doing this exactly how I detailed will always bring “The Wow” to your customers. They are not used to anything like this from a car salesperson. You are in their mind giving them so control by knowing always what is going to happen next. People are not fans of not being in the know…You know?:)
Your customer will also perceive you as a professional which will do wonders for your credibility and they will feel like they are in good hands working with you.


3. Spray Bottle And Rag

Yea, really, a spray bottle and a rag will help “Wow” your customers. Peep this…
Get some kind of spray bottle and rag from your clean-up department and make sure to keep it close.
Next, make sure to coordinate with the f&i guy to bring your customers outside to their new car.
What you want to be doing when your customers come outside to their new car, is have your spray bottle and a rag, and be wiping down the rims, or the grill or even the interior.
It’s like the cherry on top to what was an amazing car buying experience for your customers, especially if you are doing the two steps above.
This tactic is not meant to deceive the customer in any way, shape or form. Little details like this go a long way, and it is just part of the show. We are in the “show biz” not the car biz so make sure you make the show a memorable one.
This ridiculous spray bottle and a rag will make it just that. Straight up.
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Put The Wow On Your Customers

The three gems I just reviewed above take no money at all and very minimal time at that so if these aren’t in your repertoire, I would highly suggest adding them now.
It is not always a new shiny object or cool new tool that will help increase your sales and commission checks.
Little actions like we reviewed in this post will get you faster and better results than any shiny new app or resource. Believe that!
I’m out! Talk to you soon!