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Is it just me, or is the same image being used among every car sales pro looking to build a personal brand? You know the look I am talking about right?

You can picture it I bet: the outline of a car in some shape or form. Yanno, like this one.

car outline

Now before I go on, I know a lot of excellent, true sales professionals to the core, and they happen to employ this logo image. So hey please don’t take it personal. 🙂

One of my favorite brands icons of all time is “Nike”. Now I think we can all agree Nike made their bones in the shoe game.

The Nike “Swoosh” logo is timelessly iconic and most people can easily identify it, and instantly know who and what the logo represents.

With that said, in all the years of Nike, can you recall a time their logo included an image or outline of a freaking shoe? Yeah, No.

So, what’s my point? Your personal branding does not need to visually identify or represent what your job is at first look (like a car outline), it needs to represent you. Who you are. You’re really selling yourself. YOU. Not cars.

Here are 3 tips to get an awesome, high quality logo for your brand that represents and resonates with you.

1. Do Not Use An  Automobile Image In Any Way Shape Or Form


Ok so yeah, I know I went off on a little bit of a rant about this already, but this is important branding practice.

A logo is hugely important to differentiate your brand in the noisy marketplace

2.Find A Professional Designer That You Connect With


I have been through the whole, “I have a buddy that does design and he will do it for super cheap”.  But in the long game, a poor quality unprofessional design will cost you more money than it will ever save you or make you.

Been there done that so roll with me on that one.

So, search the web for a designer (does not need to be local by any means) because in case you didn’t know the web is full of professional designers looking for freelance gigs.

Find at least 5 different designers whose portfolios appeal to you and schedule a Skype session so they can see you and hear you.

Give them your story. Talk about who you are, what you stand for, and what you do. Your vision. Also be sure to tell them you need something unique aka not “an automobile in any way shape or form”.

Pick one.


3. Do Not Be Cheap When It Comes To Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Sorry if this comes off brash, I’m only want to save you from the mistakes I made on my journey.

Margaret Stewart Gould, Director of Product Design for Facebook, discloses during one of my favorite Ted Talks the latest version of the Facebook “Like Button” took 280 design hours to finalize.

280 hours. Seven solid 40 hour work weeks. A month and a half total.

280 hours is not cheap.

The more professional and credible your designer, the more extreme attention to detail he/she will execute. Not to mention they won’t put out a shotty design with their own brand behind it. They get it.

The better their skills and their rep, the more they will cost you, but better believe your new logo will be BOSS!  Don’t short change your brand identity. You only short change yourself.

If you follow the 3 steps above, your end result will be a professional, high quality, and most important, unique logo for your personal brand.

What challenges or what are you unsure about when it comes to creating your logo? I want to know chime in at the comments suggestion below!

Thanks for the love!

Good luck!