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If you want to be or even consider yourself a professional automotive sales person, it is a must to market yourself like a professional by acquiring effective car sales tips. Like a business… Because you are a business within a business.


There is a ton of noise when it comes to automotive marketing so even as an automotive sales person it is vital you stand out from the crowd. People have to at least know who you are for them to ask for you when they pop into your showroom. You agree?


The good news is although there are hundreds of thousands of car sales professionals just like you I’d bet around 95% of them are doing nothing to market themselves or utilizing incorrect practices for personal branding.


Now I told you about the sales people not doing anything creative or outside the box to sell more cars, now let me show you a few who are doing it right.


These automotive professionals are just like you and me but they are investing in their business and when I say investing I do not mean just financially. They are all investing time, energy and most importantly creativity into building their business. And you can too.


Before we dive in and show you how 4 different car sales professionals are creatively selling more cars and building a awesome personal brand in their market let me give ya a quick disclaimer…


Use the examples below as inspiration, use them to get your creative juices flowing, just don’t copy it exactly. I know you would not but I just wanted to add this quick note. Swipe the ideas all day long just do not copy them. Make them you!


Now lets dive in…


First I must make it clear there is no magic silver bullet that does everything you need to build your brand and your business in the car sales industry.


Do some strategies and tools out perform others?


You betcha, but every little thing helps… It will add to the perceived value of your personal brand, it will enhance the uniqueness of the customers experience with you and without a doubt make you different than any other car guy/gal.


In this post, I am going to show some creative marketing ideas for car sales professionals so they can easily market themselves and sell more cars.



Creative Marketing Tips and Ideas For Auto Sales Professionals


1. Crayons & A Branded Coloring Book

Bill Stout Coloring Book

This gem comes from a front line car sales pro named Bill Stout. Bill does a killer job of thinking outside of the box with this one. I wish I would have thought of this one. This is a powerhouse idea to sell you more cars for one simple reason…


As a father of 2 boys, I can attest that if my kids like you, you make them smile and you working hard to earn my business… Chances are I am hooking up!!! How about you?


Awesome job by Bill Stout as always… Reach out and say hi to him here.



2. Branded & Professional Thank You Cards / Post Cards

allison thank u note

This personalized Thank You card from Alison Davis is a smash hit especially how she used it in the example pictured. She sending this puppy a “Thank You” card to prospect that has not even done business with her… Yet.


Now yes this might not sound like some kick ass “tactic” right? Nothing innovative right? I agree with you but when you use them the right way with the right copy these bad boys work!


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3. Blog Content That Is Interesting, Delivers Value & Targeted To Your Local Market

Adam Tigges Blog

I know everyone knows about blogging, everyone knows when executed properly it delivers results, yet not many car salespeople take blogging seriously enough to commit to a consistent strategy.


Now my boy Adam Tigges he has sunk his teeth into blogging.


I have had the pleasure of working directly with Adam on getting his personal brand and business selling cars off the ground and this guy has taken the ball and is running hard on his blogging strategy.


This example is a screenshot from his personal blog and I really love the idea of this post and ones like it.


“Summer Safety Tips For Dubuque Drivers.. 4 Things To Look Out For”


This is a great way that you can provide value and start building a relationship with a prospect in your market no matter what time of the day it is or even where in the world you are.


Content like this appeals to many more people in your marketplace then content about your latest makes and models, biggest sale of the year, oil change discount etc. Content like this builds relationships and we all know relationships sell cars.


Adam Tigges will see massive success in his market selling cars using the ideas and tactics like this consistently.


4. Write & Print A Book or Guide That Will Help Your Customers

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 8.45.31 PM

This one by my friend Charles Cannon I love for a number of reasons. One reason is you can bet your butt no other car salesperson is handing over a book they wrote to a customer that helps them with their car buying experience.


Another reason is just the credibility factor that it can carry if a prospect sees you have a book on Amazon about buying a car. It makes you look like a true expert professional and who in their right mind doesn’t want to work with the “expert”?


The example above like I said is from Charles Cannon who also I have had the chance to work with on his business went with the topic “ 10 Things To Look For In A Professional Salesperson”.


I love that! Talk about being transparent.


Now I will be straight with you this book by Charles is not super long and I doubt with all due respect it is lighting up the sales board on Amazon but I bet it is one of the best business cards I’ve ever seen for an automotive sales professional.


Even if the prospect never reads it, you still look like a true pro, a true business and they will always remember you. For sure!

build a personal brand in car sales

Are you using any of these tips and tactics to sell you more cars and build your brand in your market?


If you are already doing all 4 of these in one way or another I hope maybe you were able to get some other ideas from the examples in this post.


If you are doing a few of these add one more to the mix.


If you are doing none of these examples then just start with one and grow from there.


These are just 4 examples I thought were pretty cool and I know that many (if any) other car salespeople in their market are doing it.


The easiest way to stand yourself apart from other automotive sales professionals is just do what they are not.


Put one of these in action and reach out to me in the comments below or on Twitter @robertwiesman and let me know how you made out!

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