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If you are listener to this podcast you probably like podcasts. Am I right?


Podcasts are an invaluable resource for training that can sharpen your skills in multiple areas of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


What’s better than that is they are FREE!


Podcasts can go with you anywhere and are an awesome form of educational content you can consume while driving, walking, chilling, working out, and anything else you do only a daily basis.


It’s like having elite ivy league courses right in your pocket.


At the time I am posting this, Holiday season 2016 is creeping up on us, and you might be doing some traveling for the holidays and you for sure will be sitting in traffic.


Why not make the most of that time?


Let’s dive into these five podcasts every car sales professional should subscribe and listen to.

5 Podcasts Car Sales Professionals Should Listen To


The Hardcore Closer Podcast (THC Podcast) w/ Ryan Stewman


Ryan Stewman has gone from zero to millionaire strictly from closing sales. Dude is a straight savage that makes things happen.


Every episode delivers actionable info, insanely entertaining stories all combined with Ryan’s I high energy level that is designed for frontline salespeople just like you.


You might think I am being biased by including the THC Podcast (I am the producer and work with Ryan on his show) but after you listen to it you will agree that I am not.


Every week Ryan Stewman delivers raw, uncut and priceless information that will help you reach your true potential as a sales pro.


Click here to listen and subscribe to The Hardcore Closer Podcast.


The Dealer Playbook w/ Michael Cirillo


I co-produced, co-hosted and launched The Dealer Playbook Podcast with my good friend Michael Cirillo for the first 85 episodes, but I can assure you that is not why I included this podcast on this list.


Every week Michael delivers inspirational and actionable info from successful players from in and out of the auto industry that you will love.


Michael has a brilliant mind for the automotive industry, and every episode contains at least one helpful nugget that can help you accomplish your goals in the car sales industry.

Click here to listen and subscribe to The Dealer Playbook Podcast.

The Art of Charm w/ Jordan Harbinger


Advanced social skills training for top performers. AOC delivers 2-3 episodes a week with the world’s best professionals… from entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, experts, and other badasses.


Jordan and his guests deliver valuable information that will help you be extraordinary and memorable in your marketplace and life in general.


The Art of Charm goes deep into how to be a better networker and an all around badass!

Click here to listen and subscribe to The Art of Charm.

Social Media Marketing Podcast w/ Michael Stelzner


The Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michale Stelzer dives into how successful businesses are using social media, the newest tech tools, and actionable tips to improve your social media marketing.


Michael Stelzner interviews the top players in the world of social media and every week they are sharing their go-to strategies for success using different social channels.


If you want more out of your social media efforts, you need to check out The Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Click here to listen and subscribe to The Social Media Marketing Podcast.

The Social Media Pubcast w/ Jon Loomer


The Social Media Pubcast is a weekly show hosted by Jon Loomed, one of the leading thought leader experts when it comes to Facebook marketing. This guy is a beast.


If you are looking for the latest updates on Facebook’s ads manager or power editor and also any changes to their algorithm, this is the podcast for you.


No one is as dialed into Facebook more than Jon Loomer and his content is gold for anyone who wants to step their game up on Facebook.

Click to listen and subscribe to The Social Pubcast.


Take Advantage Of These Free Training Resources

Podcasts are an invaluable educational resource you have at your fingertips and consume anywhere and anytime.

These five podcasts we discussed today are a few of my go-to’s that provide me at least one golden nugget per episode.

Are you subscribed to all or any of these podcasts?

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Sound off below in the comments with some of your go-to podcasts.