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In the digital world, we are living in it shocks me how few car salespeople have a personal website that they are leveraging properly to grow their personal brand and car sales.

Any business or personal brand that wants to carve out its space in any industry has a personal website, so why don’t most car sales people?

Real estate agents have them, insurance agents and hell even lawyers, but yet still the majority of car salespeople still do not.

Why is that do you think?

I am asking you because your guess is as good as mine, so that’s why I am going to review five reasons you need to have a personal website.

5 Reasons Car Salespeople Need A Personal Website


1. Being Where The Eyes & Ears Are

It is something like 8 out of 10 transactions all begins with a Google search, and anyone in the car business knows car shoppers are spending more time online than they are in your showroom.

Social media is a strong marketing channel, it doesn’t do much for you when it comes to showing up in almighty Google search results.

Your personal website (if done right) will increase the probability of prospects in your market running into you and your website while they click around on Google.

A car sales professionals personal website is their digital portal to their marketplace and functions as a launching pad for your personal brand online presence.

Everything, including your social media efforts, should all point back to your personal website. The name of the game is to get people off of your rented land (social channels) and on your property, your website.

You will not get the results the internet has to offer your business if you do not have a personal website.

Peep this video for more on Car Sales Pro Personal Websites:


2. Builds Relationships & Generate Leads On Autopilot

The prospects in your marketplace are not online researching and shopping for a new car only during “business hours.”

You better believe that every minute of every hour of the day someone in your city/town is online researching for a new vehicle.

Your personal website allows you to connect with, build relationships and generate leads around the clock no matter what you are doing.

When a prospect engages with your website, and you can capture their attention and compel them, they will give you their information and become a “lead.”

What makes this a beautiful thing is you can set all this up one time, and it requires nothing from you but to follow-up with the lead that was generated completely on auto pilot.

On a one, to one basis you can only prospect, connect and build relationships with so many people in a day.

A website changes that and gives you the ability to connect with 100 times more prospects every day of the week.


3. Increases Your Credibility

Even if you have a personal website that for some reason or another it never generates you one lead you can still leverage it to close your sales.

Check this out…

Imagine working with a customer at the dealership.

You knock their socks off with your knowledge, professionalism and world class vehicle presentation but for whatever the reason they will not ink up on the car at that moment.

Before they hop in their car and roll out all you have to do is say “hey, if you want to learn more about me, more about what you can expect when working with me and much more check out

Whether you say something like that to an in person prospect or an internet lead via email it will rock them because they have most likely never heard that from a car salesperson.

The prospect with know you are no fly by night salesman that promises to take care of their needs after the sale but when the prospect reaches out that salesperson doesn’t even work there anymore.

That is how it plays out in more cases than I would like to admit.

Build credibility and leverage your website to keep your sales pipeline flowing like water.

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4. It Can Be An Awesome Resume

There is a lot of growth potential in automotive sales, and it can even be a door opener for other career paths as well.

A killer personal website that is executed professionally and is regularly updated with content can also dub as one hell of a resume.

Think about it.

If there is a position that a handful of salespeople are applying for, you don’t think to have a personal website with regular blog posts, video, and other content will make you look like the better prospect for the position you are nuts!

Your personal website can also be the source of new opportunities and job offers.

If the right person sees’s your website and values what you are doing, they will reach out to you want you to work for/with them.

Trust me. When I had my auto sales personal website, I had job offers pouring in because of it and you will too.

Even if you are happy where you are at and have no plans to leave, it is still nice having job offers/opportunities flowing in.


5. The Other Sales Guy Doesn’t Have One

The name of the game is to stand out and be different in your marketplace and I’ve found the easiest way to do that is just to do what the other guy isn’t doing. A personal website, believe it or not, is just that.

Even in 2016, the majority of car salespeople do not have their personal website so that alone should be enough to convince you it’s time to launch your website.

It will be easier to get your website noticed and to position it as the go-to resource for car shoppers in your marketplace when no other salespeople are doing it.

Your prospects will also notice this, and in return, they will be more comfortable saying yes to doing business with you.

Don’t let the other sales guy down the block be the one with a personal website and not you.

The time is now.

Check out this video for more Car Pro training:

build a personal brand in car sales

What Is Holding You Up From Launching Your Automotive Personal Website?

Whatever the reason that is holding you back from investing in your personal website, it is time to charge through it.

Your website has the potential to be a valuable asset that will go with you wherever you go. It can be a long term and a very useful asset to your personal brand and any other ventures you might want to chase after.

I have been involved with car sales pro websites for some time now and would be happy to talk to you about yours.

Whether you are struggling on how to get started or what you should be doing hit me up and let’s chat at my email

Let’s talk about your digital strategy!