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2017 is here and it is up to you to make this year your best year.


Every time I open Facebook on my iPhone I see numerous posts from people stating that “2017 is going to be the biggest year ever” or “2017 is going to be my year”. You know the posts I’m talking about.


It’s one thing to talk about making the new year your best year but if you are going into 2017 doing all the same things you did in 2016 you are not going to see any growth.


Let’s get you off to a monster start. Check out these five things you need to start doing in 2017 if you are not already and watch yourself grow like a plant.

Five Things Every Car Pro Should Do In 2017

1. Website

It’s 2017 bro if you are not up online with your personal website that is a must for this year.


With at least nine out of ten of your customers turning to the web for the majority of their car shopping, it only makes sense that you set up shop online to engage with them there.


Your website serves as your hub online, and everything should point back to it.


Social media is great, and yes, it is insanely valuable, but it is rented land. You do not own it or the audience you build there. Your website, on the other hand, you do control, and you do own.


If you want to be a serious player in the auto industry it is time to get set up online with your personal website.



2. Create Content

Creating content online is one of the greatest forms of marketing on the web.


Content attracts eyeballs, which leads to building an audience, which then leads to trust, which of course then leads to sales.


Every day around the clock prospects in your marketplace are online asking questions that you have the answers.


Do you want to be the one that is in front of them helping them out when they are looking for help or do you want the next guy doing that?


Getting committed to publishing helpful locally targeted content online on a consistent basis you will drive more leads and sales.


This is the year for you to get started publishing content.



3. More Local Awareness

The car business is a local business. The majority of your prospects either live locally or most likely fifty or sixty miles away max.


If you weren’t to attract more local prospects, you would need to start building up your local awareness and buzz.


You want to become a local celebrity.


The way to do this is by reaching out to local publications and media outlets.


Connect with local newspapers and city magazines and sell them the value of your content to their audience. Show them how you can publish helpful content that will help their audience get the most out of their vehicle and even save money.


Reach out to any local talk radio programs and take the same route. These outlets are always looking for fresh new content that will be valuable to their audience.


If you are in a major marketplace like New York or LA, this might be more difficult to execute than if you are in a smaller city or town.


You are a professionals sales closer. Reach out to these outlets and close them on what you can do for them.


Being published in local publications or a featured guest on a radio program will build your local exposure, and even better help position you as a leading authority and expert in your field.



4. Become A Student Of Marketing

At this point in the game, I am going to assume you are already a closer and have invested time and money in sharpening your skills at closing sales.


In 2017 it is time to start honing your skills and education when it comes to marketing. Both online and offline marketing tactics.


You could be the most gangster sales closer in the universe but if you were not getting in front of people to close them what good is it?


Invest in books, online courses, podcasts and anything you can get your hands on regarding marketing. Make sure to look outside of the auto industry, and custom tailor the tactics they are using towards the auto industry.


People are people and what works in most industries will work in the auto industry as well.



5. Create And Write Your Goals

We have all heard about creating and writing down our goals and if you are doing it on a regular basis now is the time to do so.


If you have no goals you have no direction and if you do not keep your goals in front of your face they going to fall by the waste side.


It has been proven that people who write their goals down nearly every day have a much higher success rate of accomplishing said goals. Kinda makes it a no-brainer to me, you know?


It doesn’t matter how big or how small and these can be personal, financial, your love life, your family, whatever it is you want from life.


Start documenting your goals this year and increase your chances of smashing them in 2017.

Make This Year Your Best Year

You might already be executing a handful of this list or maybe you already a serious player and you on all five of them already. If you are already on top of all these, you are on the right path, and you are setting up 2017 to be a monster year for you.


If you haven’t started cracking into any of these yet, no problem now is your time to get it popping. If you are already on one or two of these, add the rest of them to your repertoire, and I guarantee you bigger results in 2017.

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