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The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a real drag in the car sales business at times.

After Christmas and into the New Year are usually awesome and can make your month, but what if you could add some more deals to the sales board prior to Christmas?

Slow days are going to happen and even more so during the holiday season so in this post we are going to review five productive things you can be doing while the other salespeople are not.

5 Productive Things You Can If It Is Slow During The Holidays


1. Offer To Or Take A Customer To Lunch

Taking a valued customer to lunch is nothing new but is rarely done in automotive sales.


A tactic I learned some time ago from Mr. Grant Cardone was invest some time into make calls inviting a client to lunch an hour or so before noon.


It is very likely your customer will not be able to make it, but the simple fact you invited them will make a huge impact on them.


This is not meant to be shady move and if a customer does agree to go to lunch even better.


The more time you spend with the kind of customer you want more of the better.


Whether they accept or decline your lunch invitation the results for you and your brand will be nothing but positive.


2. Personal Call Wishing Happy Holidays

Kind of an obvious one, right?


An obvious one that tends to fall by the waist side and ignored by car sales professionals.


It is unreasonable to expect to personally call and wish Happy Holiday’s to your entire customer list but doing so with your ideal, and favorite customers are doable.


The power of a personal call wishing an ideal customer a Happy Holiday season shouldn’t be underestimated, especially since the minimal effort required to do so.


Here are some benefits to the personal Holiday call in case you are still in doubt:

  • Lets your client know you care.
  • Creates a conversation and conversations fuel relationships, which fuel sales.
  • Even if you don’t connect and leave a voicemail, it still has a positive impact.

Every conversation/engagement with a customer is an opportunity.


Maybe not an immediate opportunity, but future opportunities are just as good.



3. Holiday Cards With Personal Note

Everyone and their mother sends out Christmas cards (you still should) but not too many send Happy Thanksgiving cards.


Sending a personalized card whether it is the holiday season or not isn’t the sexiest tactic by any means, but still, something to invest time in when business sucks.


A holiday card with a personalized message is another channel you can use to stay in front of your favorite customers and let them know you are thinking to abut them.


People display holiday cards around their house and even office, and they often become the topics of a conversation.


More people than ever are sending out cards for Christmas so think about sending a Thanksgiving card so you can stand out even more because as I mentioned above who is sending a Thanksgiving card?


4. Send A Gift To Their Job

By no means, am I suggesting you give a gift to all of your customers.


What I am suggesting is sending a gift to the customers that work with individuals who are also your target customer.


I propose sending to their office a holiday themed “Edible Arrangement,” Christmas cookie tray, or something else like meat and cheese tray.


Think about this for a second…


You pick out and have delivered a $50 – $60 “Edible Arrangement to one of your customer’s office/place of employment.


Now no one ever buys an “Edible Arrangement” for themselves but better believe when that shows up at the office your customer’s co-workers are going to be lined up for a taste of it.


While they are lining up for some free food they most likely will ask your client who both this “Edible Arrangement” which intern they will respond with “my car salesperson Robert Wiesman.”


Boom! Just like that, your name is buzzing through the office because what you want to bet your clients co-workers car salesman has never done anything like that for them.


Chances are when any of those co-workers or someone they know is in the market for a new car they will instantly remember you. This is very powerful for your business, and personal brand and like I said will cost you maybe sixty bucks.


Do this for a handful of your favorite customers, and it will help keep your slow days to a minimal moving forward. For reals.



5. Go See Or Connect With Businesses With Company Cars

For the record I am not referring to businesses that fleet a ton of cars, (by all means if in your store that is an option, for sure go after them) but more of the smaller local businesses that might have one to three company cars for their biz.


During holiday down time is a great time to connect with these businesses because the end of the year is just around the corner.


Years end usually offers additional pricing specials, and the window is closing fast if they want to add some additional tax write-offs for their business.


Think of local businesses you might frequent that you know they have a couple of company cars. Stop by or reach out to them.


After you get in contact with these business owners, show them how you can improve their vehicle position. That could be cheaper payments, lower interest rate, fresh new long warranty, etc.


Take advantage of this down time and connect with these business owners in your marketplace.


Even if you can’t get them onboard right now, it can only lead to opportunities for you in the future, for sure.




Be Productive When Your Dealership Is Slow

Business getting slow in the car business is inevitable and even more likely during the holiday season.


Map out a plan and start putting some of these actions into play today, so business won’t be slow tomorrow, you know?


What do you do with your time if your showroom is slow during the holiday season?


Hit up the comments below and let me know!