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The most successful sales professionals not just in automotive but in any industry, the top producers are obsessed with learning more.

They get that the more they learn the more they earn.

One of the best ways to feed your brain more knowledge that can help you crush it in sales is in books.

Both physical books, digital books, and even audio books.

In this podcast/post I going to deliver 7 books anyone in car sales needs to read or listen to at least once.

I purposely left out some of the well-known sales authors and books that most people in car sales either already have read or already know exist.

My goal here is to open you up to different content that although it is not contented specifically for the car business, it still is jam packed with information that can take you to the top in your marketplace.

Let’s get into it.

7 Books Car Sales Professionals Should Read (or listen to) At Least Once


1. Platform by Michael Hyatt

Platform by Michael Hyatt is “a step-by-step guide for anyone with something to say or sell.”

Platform is the playbook for getting noticed in a noisy world by building your very own digital platform online.


Your online platform is the launching pad for your personal brand and no matter where you go and what you do your platform is always yours.


Michael Hyatt goes through each step with a fine comb on how not only to build and launch your platform online but also have to leverage it for success.


A must read for anyone selling anything in today’s digitally driven marketplace.


Get Platform By Michael Hyatt


2. Edgy Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt

Edgy Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt brings a different more “Edgy” (pun intended) approach to help you get beyond the nonsense in your life and doing what matters.


He talks a lot about how what we have learned about success in the past is all wrong and how that is hurting us now.


Dan produced a highly visual, killer book that you are going to love if you haven’t peeped it just yet.


Get Edgy Conversations By Dan Waldschmidt 


3.The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holidaythe author of The Obstacle Is The Way has quickly become one of my top five favorite writers.


The Obstacle is all about tapping into “the timeless art of turning trials into triumph.”


Anyone who is looking to level up, or is chasing goals and success is going to have to face trials, tribulations, and pains.


This book will show you how to overcome difficult or even impossible situations just like icons of our world like Steve Jobs and John D. Rockefeller.


Ryan is an incredible writer, and this book is a slam dunk for sure.


Get The Obstacle Is The Way By Ryan Holiday 


4. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff


Pitch Anything byOren Klaffis “an innovative method for presenting, persuading and winning the deal.” This dude is a straight powerhouse and is one of the most renowned negotiators in the world.


This book will transform the way you position and pitch your ideas by following the simple science Oren details within the pages.


Oren introduces his method titles S.T.R.O.N.G. and how you can put it into action right away to reach your desired results whether it be close more deals or close a raise/promotion. Check it out:


Setting the Frame

Telling the Story

Revealing the Intrigue

Offering the Prize

Nailing the Hookpoint

Getting a Decision


Pitch Anything is one of the best books written on persuasion and pitching ideas/products.


You will love it for sure!



Get Pitch Anything By Oren Klaff


5. Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi


Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizziis all about “how to tell a different story, break through the clutter and win more customers by marketing less.”


Joe Pulizzi is a master at showing you how to develop stories/content that informs, educates and compels prospects to take action and connect with you without you ever even asking them to.


If you have been peeping any of my content/podcasts from the past, you would know how passionate I am about creating content and leveraging it as your primary marketing strategy. This book is like the Bible of doing just that.


If you are not creating content for your prospects that informs, entertains or compels them, this book will take you by the hand and show you how to get it done like a boss.


Make sure to check out Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi. It is strong like Hulk Hogan in the 1980’s. For real.


Get Epic Content Marketing By Joe Pulizzi 


6. Hardcore Closer by Ryan Stewman


The Hardcore Closer by my friendRyan Stewmanis a wild ride.

Ryan much lays out his life story of struggles, prison and drug addiction to now being one of the most sought after sales trainers in the world.


The reason I suggest this book is I know there is a lot of individuals in the car business that come from a rough upbringing, and might not have made some of the best choices throughout their life but are not focused and wanting more from life.


The Hardcore Closer book is proof, inspiration, and lessons that prove to you it is all possible no matter what you have done or gone through in the past.


Very inspirational, exciting and quite funny at times. An easy fun read.

Make sure to check it out!


Get The Hardcore Closer By Ryan Stewman


7. Youtility by Jay Baer


In Youtility by Jay Baer, you will learn “why smart marketing about helps not hype.


One of my favorite quotes that sum up this book in a nutshell is “if you sell something, you make a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone, you create a customer for life.


Car shoppers online are chasing one thing, information. In Youtility Jay shows you how to use information and being helpful to shift the relationships between you and customers.


As Jay says “ stop trying to be amazing, and just start being useful.


Are you useful to your customers and prospects through your “marketing” messages?


Check out Youtility by Jay Baer and start being useful to your prospects in your marketplace now!


Get Youtility By Jay Baer


Read And Consume As Much Content As Possible

In America, the average American reads less than one book per year… I will say that again LESS THAN ONE BOOK A YEAR!

Hearing that alone should tell you by reading 1 to 2 books puts you above the average!

That is why I am knocking out a new physical book every 7 days and an audio book about every 10 days.

I am committed to eating up all the information I can to enhance my brand, business and market share. Are you?

What are some of your favorite books?

Sound off below in the comments and be sure to share this with someone that you know would find value in it.

Much luv!