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Online video is the ultimate lead generation and personal branding tool at a car sales professionals disposal..


Year after year the amount of video being consumed online keeps increasing.


That also means the amount of video being published online is also increasing which means you need to tighten up your video strategy if you want to tap into its powerful results.


Creating and publishing the right kind of videos online is equivalent to having clones of yourself online working for you around the clock.


Your videos will introduce yourslef to prospects who do not know you, it also builds relationships, increases your authority and drive leads no matter what time of the day or what you are doing.


If you want video to go to work for you and sky rocket your brand and sales you will need to create the right videos for your online video catalog and that is what we are going to dive into.


7 Videos Car Sales Professionals Need To Create


#1 YouTube Channel Trailer

The YouTube channel trailer video is often slept on, especially in the car sales industry.


YouTube is (it should be) the hub of your video marketing strategy, so it is very important to set your YouTube channel properly and maximize all of its kickass features.


Your channel trailer is the video hosted on your YouTube channel that will auto-play to anyone who is not already a subscriber.


More people than you could ever imagine are on YouTube every second of every day. Your channel trailer can help you start a relationship with the viewer.


The YouTube trailer video is designed to do the following:

  • Introduce yourself to the viewer. Tell them who you are and what you do.
  • Let the viewer know what kind of videos/content they can expect from your channel.
  • Give the viewer a call to action; I would suggest asking them to subscribe to your channel.


Another quick tip for your YouTube channel trailer is to keep it as short and concise as possible.


Shoot for the around the 2-minute mark for your channel trailer. That is short enough to maintain the viewer interest and long enough for you to intro yourself, tell the audience how you roll and deliver a call to action.


Take a look at my YouTube Channel Trailer:


Here is how you set up your channel for a trailer video:


#2 About Video

An about video should be a tad about you but more about what you are about, what about you would be of interest to your target prospects.


The harsh truth is, prospects don’t care about you, they don’t care about your product/service, they care about them. So the more you are about them, the more they going to be about you. You feel me?


Here are a few tips to help you craft a stellar About video:

  • Make it as short and as long as it needs to be.
  • Don’t focus on talking about you but more about why you do what you do.
  • What your content is About, not your past and hobbies.


This video is perfect for an About page on your website, linking to the video in your email signature, or just sending it out to prospects via email who you are trying to convert to a car deal.


One of the best things about the About video is you only have to make it one time, and you can use it over and over again.


The About Video is a must for any serious car sales professionals video catalog.


#3 Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Video

A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is one of your essential tools to show your marketplace you are actually different than any other car salesperson.


A unique value proposition is clear as day statement that describes in detail the benefit for the consumer if they decide to purchase a vehicle from you.


A UVP needs to convey exactly what your prospect can expect when doing business or engaging with your time in and out. No exception.


A compelling well thought out UVP video when leveraged properly will help you avoid playing the price game with prospects.


Here are a few tips to help you create a kick ass UVP video:

  • Craft your UVP around what is valuable to your target prospect (Do your research)
  • Explain in detail what your prospect can expect. Stay away from cliche’ phrases like “I put customers first” or “First-class service”. Everyone says that garbage.
  • Be energetic and passionate when creating your UVP. Prospects can feel it while watching.


The more research and digging you do into what your target prospects finds valuable and also what turns them off when buying a new car will only help make your UVP all the more magical.


Craft, design and produce your UVP video based off what your target prospects want, not what you think they want.

build a personal brand in car sales

#4 Vehicle Review Video

Vehicle review videos are by far the most common videos today’s car pros are cranking out.


Review videos produced in a quality fashion and optimized on your YouTube channel properly will position your personal brand online in front of local in-market car shoppers.


Someone who clicks and watches a video of for example a 2016 Honda Accord, is most likely in the market for a vehicle and even more so one like the Honda Accord.


I mean like who clicks on a video and then better yet sticks around and watches said video?


Yea, like no one!


Here are a few tips to create vehicle review videos people want to watch:

  • Create videos that are more specific and less general. For example instead of “2016 Honda Accord Review” think more along the lines of “The Top 3 Reasons You Need To Check Out The 2016 Honda Accord.”
  • Use a tripod when filming, kick those hand held shaky selfie videos to the curb. No one wants to watch those.
  • Always plan and script your vehicle reviews. When you try to wing it the quality of your video will suffer.


Vehicle reviews will help you get in front of prospects who are in the market for a new car.



#5 Vehicle Comparison Video

A vehicle comparison video is similar to a vehicle review video except you are comparing one car against another.


When a prospect is in their research stage, they will reach the point where they are going to compare vehicles against one another to see which one is going to best for them.


Creating vehicle comparison videos will help you engage the prospect while doing their comparison research.


Check out these examples of car comparison videos you can create now:

  • Comparing with a competitors model. You do not even have to have the competitors vehicle in the video. For example: “The Top 3 Reasons The Hyundai Elantra Is Better Than The Honda Civic”.
  • Compare and demonstrate some of the key differences between different models in your product line or different years. “ The 5 Major Changes To the 2017 Honda Civic From The 2016 Edition” or “The 7 Major Differences Between The Honda Accord And The Honda Civic.”
  • Compare and demo the major differences between your make and model trim levels. “The 5 Features That Make The Hyundai Sonata SE A Better Value Than The Hyundai Sonata Limited.”


That is just three examples. You can compare things like gas mileage, the cost of ownership, and more.


You are never wasting time or hustle if you are creating content for the web. Straight up.



#6 How-To Video

In your marketplace on the daily, more people are not in the market for a new vehicle then that are in the market.


Whether they are in the market today/currently or not, they are online searching for info and answers that you can and are qualified to answer.


YouTube has stated that the most popular videos on their platform are “how-to videos” (like over a 100million popular), so it makes perfect sense to add some to your growing video catalog.


Here are three examples of how-to videos you can start cranking out:

  • “How To Get Better Gas Mileage”
  • How To Protect Your Car From Road Salt This Winter”
  • How To Preserve Your Cars Resale Value”


Like I said, that is just three examples of how-to content you can create. The examples I provided are more focused to build your awareness and credibility with out of market prospects.


How-to content videos can also be a valuable resource to creating leads of in-market car shoppers. You know people who are actively looking to hook-up on a new car or truck.


Check out these how-to video examples for attracting in-market  car shoppers:

  • “How To Get More Money For Your Vehicle Trade-In”
  • How To Find The Perfect Vehicle For You”
  • How To Make Car Buying As Easier As Ever


When it comes to how to videos, I am going to leave you with this… If you want to know HOW TO sell more cars, start creating HOW TO videos.



#7 Customer Testimonial Video


I feel like I have been talking a lot more than usual about video testimonials, but you know what, that isn’t a bad thing. It is not a bad thing because customer testimonial videos executed properly and with a strategy are powerful branding and lead drivers.


I am a fan of the “documentary style” video testimonial. (see my example below)


The documentary style is easy to execute, is different than all the other video testimonials, viewers seem to enjoy them, and they look very professional.


It requires a bit of post production (editing) but doesn’t worry; you can handle it.


Here are some tips to help you produce killer testimonial videos:

  • Shoot your testimonial videos “documentary style”.
  • Do not include yourself in the video. Just the customer.
  • Do not coach them, just have them honestly answer questions.

Customer testimonial videos, deployed the proper way on the web, on a consistent basis will build your sales pipeline and generate your car sales.


Testimonial Video Example:


Create Your Online Video Catalog That Will Sell More Cars

It’s like this… If you are not creating the right videos in your marketplace, someone else will and that someone else will getting the leads that you should.


I don’t want you to be that guy/gal which is why I go head down on creating content like this so you don’t have to be that guy/gal. You feeling me?


Now it is your turn. Are you building your video catalog? What kind of videos are driving you the best results?


Sound off in the comment section below and let us know!