This Site Will Show You How To Kill It In The Automotive Industry Using New Media And Other Creative Strategies.


A car sales professional who does more then sell cars, yet builds their very own business with in the dealerships business..


Now I am sure you are asking, what does a car sales pro need to do to become a extraordinary Automotivepreneur? Well that’s exactly what we cover on this site. Here is what you will learn more about on this site:

  • Understanding the vehicle buyer you are targeting, and what makes them tick.
  • Building the right personal brand and persona that will resonate with that buyer.
  • Creating the right content and utilizing the right online/offline channels that gets in front of your target buyer
  • Investing in yourself and your business. Premium training materials, the right tools, and resources needed to get your brand out there.

Heres the deal.. if car sales pro’s want to win in todays over crowded and noisy marketplace they need more than sales skills – it is important that they become MASTER Marketers and Personal branding Geniuses.

This site is all about showing you how to accomplish all the above and more, while saving you the time, money and headaches I had to go through along the way.

imageMy name is Robert Wiesman… I have been a entrepreneur and hustler since before it has been cool. I entered the automotive sales business in 2010 and quickly started building a success brand and business with in a business using the power of online media.

This is my blog and it is dedicated to helping you build your ‘talk of the town” personal brand and successful business with in a business.

I have invested thousands of dollars and even more time into learning these strategies, so now you don’t have

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From the time I was 18 – 30 years old, I built several brands and businesses from scratch. Some successful and
some that crashed and burned.

In 2010 I made a decision for the first time to go work for some one else. I knew it would be sales related and
a performance based industry, so with help of a friend in the business I dove head first into the automotive
sales industry.

I did not only like selling cars and all that comes with it, I became addicted to it!

I knew if I implemented my work ethic and relentless hustle into a gig for some one else I knew I would be successful!

Well come to find out the genius thing I did was although I was working for some one else, I never stopped running my own business.

It did not take a long time for my out side the box personal branding and marketing tactics to gain the attention of some of the elite players with in the automotive industry.

I quickly became a “micro celebrity” with in the industry which then granted me opportunities such as speaking at the industries premier events as well as contributing to leading publications with in the industry.

In April of 2014 with the help of Michael Cirillo from FlexDealer we launched “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast to deliver dealers and car pro’s innovative strategies that deliver real results.