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Welcome back and tons of thank your to everyone who is in the “Automotivepreneur Academy” zone! Session 3 lets do it!

 What professional do you know that does not have a speciality?

 What “plumber” do you know that isn’t specialized as “Franklin County’s Fastest 24 hour a day residential plumber”.

 What lawyer isn’t the ” Tri-State Area’s second offender DUIs,stay out of jail attorney”

 You know exactly what I am talking about, look at the real estate agents in your market for example. The big players in your market. Most people can name the big player real estate professional in their own markets.

 So why not be that kinda player in the automotive sales industry?

 Exactly! Let’s get started.

What’s your speciality?

 Identifying what your “specialization” is the next chapter in your brands book.

 Your specialization “tag line” that you learn to create in this session, is not a public document. It is for you or team members.

 Being specialized is a easy yet effective way to break away from the herd in your market place and gives you some of that powerful “expert juice”.

 Everyone will choose to work with a “expert” if given the choice.

 Narrowing in on your “speciality” you will be giving them a choice now.

 Here is what you will take home from this session

  • Examples of “specialization” for car sales professionals
  • What “being specialized” will do for your business and your brand
  • How to create your speciality statement in minutes
  • How to leverage your new found “speciality

 Of course as always there are some other as us #UAAMG master minders like to say “writer downers” packed into this quick session.

 So shut down any and all distractions and lets dive in and get to work on your business within a business.

 Your up

 What do you think about the information discussed in this session? Think it could help your business? Think you might execute on it? The good the bad and the ugly we want it all so leave your comments.

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