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The car sales professional that invest’s the time and energy into creating a “Buyer Persona” will be massively successful in the car sales biz.


Ok, so you might be asking…


What Is A Buyer Persona?


A buyer persona is built from real words from real buyers.


A buyer persona will give you insight on what your ideal client is thinking and doing while they journey through their options that address their transportation needs.


Your buyer’s persona is not just a profile of your ideal client; it reveals their attitudes, expectations, concerns and criteria of what drives them to choose you to handle their automotive needs.


When you are equipped with these insights about what your ideal client thinks about doing business with you, you will have an easier time crafting your brand’s positioning and messaging to address your ideal clients needs/concerns/, etc.


The Car Sales Pro Guide To Creating A Buyer Persona


How To Create A Buyer Persona


Creating your ideal client’s buyer persona is not a hard exercise but in fact can be a lot of work but trust me when I tell you it will be totally worth it, and it is crucial to building a successful personal brand.


You will first need to complete the ideal client exercises in the lessons above to build your buyer persona.


After you have compiled your list of your ideal clients by going through the exercises above you will need to reach out to these clients.


Quick note: If you have a relationship already with someone who fits your ideal client characteristics and criteria, but they are not yet a current client of yours, reach out to them as well with the questions you will learn in this lesson so you can attract more people like them.


You’re in sales, so you better be a closer


To create your buyer persona, you will need to contact the people on your list (by phone or in person) and ask them a list of questions that I will give you below.


It is important to get genuine, and authentic answers from your ideal clients so do not be afraid to probe and pull them out.


You’re a professional sales person and closer. If you can sell them a car for 40k you damn sure can get some official answers and insights from them as long as you ask correctly.


Make sure they know you are doing this to create a better experience for them, your ideal clients. Most cases they will be more than happy to help you and be a part of something.


You are no stranger to using the phone being in car sales so you should not have any problems doing this.


Pro Tip:If you can record these conversations, I highly recommend doing so.


If not make sure no matter what, you write their responses down verbatim using the exact words/language they did in their response.


It is important to document the exact details of their responses so record the conversations or take insanely detailed notes.


Let’s dive in!



1. The Spark


You want to understand what were the exact circumstances for the client to need a new vehicle. For example:


  • Bored with their current vehicle
  • Expanding family
  • New job
  • Mechanical issue
  • It’s just time for a new car
  • Saw a cool commercial or video from Motor Trend
  • Read an article in Car and Driver 
  • Car accident 
  • Doesn’t meet their needs anymore 


You want the buyer to tell you their story


You want them to take you back to what was the initial spark that ignited them on the journey for a new car.


Knowing what triggered your ideal client to need a new vehicle is powerful information when it comes to your personal branding strategy.


It gives you the insight to the state of mind and attitude of your ideal client exactly when they got “the spark”!


Here is an example of a question to ask one of your ideal clients to discover their spark:


 “Let’s go back to the day in time when you realized it was time for a new car. Tell me what happened that day to prompt you doing so?”


Do not be afraid to pull it out of them. What sparked the need? Did their previous car breakdown? Were they bored? Did they get a new job? There is and was a spark, just get them to tell you what it was.


Like I have mentioned you are a professional sales person. If you can sell them a car for 40k, you can sell them on answering some questions from you.


2. Expected Benefits & Results


What are the benefits & results your ideal client is expecting from a new car?


This one should be easy.


All we are looking for here is what was the primary expected result/goal your ideal client is looking to accomplish with a new car?


Here are some examples:


  • Impress peers/clients/neighbors
  • Cut costs on gas 
  • Keep their family safe
  • Increases productivity for business (i.e. A construction company gets a bigger and better truck Comfort 
  • More technology and options


Do you get the picture right? Before they made the purchase what was their expected result of purchasing a new car?


This is about their desired benefits of purchasing a new car, not necessarily the result benefits


Keep in mind that their initial expectations of what they wanted to accomplish may not be the real reason or result. You just want the initial desired result.


When you know the solution they are looking for at this stage of the buying process, you know what kind of content you should be creating that will speak to their needs and speak to them.


Here is an example of how to ask your ideal client:


“Once you realized it was time for a new vehicle what were your instant expectations of the benefits & results you would receive from buying a new car?”


Feel free to adjust the way you word or ask this question but you want them to go back to that point of time again when they first got the “spark” and said to themselves “it is time for a new set of wheels.”


Make sure not to hesitate to probe it out of them.


Chances are they will first answer with the actual results which were most cases the truly desired results, but that’s not what we are looking for at the moment.


We are looking for their perceived benefits and results.


3. Why Not You


What Are The Concerns Your Buyer Has About Choosing You To Do Business With?


This does not have to be about you.


This can be in regards to their perceived barriers they will encounter in general when it comes to shopping for a new car.


This helps to know if you are interviewing someone who is, of course, your ideal client they just are not your ideal client… Yet.


Keep in mind some of these perceptions may be about your product and not be factual.


The majority of their perceptions were a result of a negative experience buying a car in the past or horror stories they heard from a peer. (Negative news travels at a speed of light, heck even faster)


If you have the insight on what their perceived pains are you now can craft your messaging and content to address they concerns.


Here are some examples of perceived barriers:


  • Hate car sales people
  • Takes to long
  • Don’t want to get ripped off
  • Don’t trust car dealers
  • Terrible experience 
  • I don’t think I can afford your product
  • You do not have a quality product (the are not educated)


Get them comfortable enough to be straight up honest with you


This is powerful information to make your personal brand a monster in your marketplace so handle the call like a pro and pull the real perceived concerns out of them.


Here is an example of a question to ask:


“When you think about buying a new car, what are the biggest concerns come to mind?”


You already have a relationship with this individual so getting them to open up to you especially for their benefit they will be happy to help.


Just have to ask in a professional, confident manner. That’s it.


4. Influential Resource Channels


To understand how to market to your ideal clients, you will need to know what resources they trust and evaluate along their buying journey.


At different levels of their journey, they are trusting and relying on certain resources like certain websites.


Here are examples of resources your ideal client may trust:


  • Trend Magazine
  • and Driver Magazine
  • Automotive Blogs 
  • Amazon


Use their trusted resources to help craft your content.


There are so many online and offline resources available to your ideal client and it is important to hone in and discover what those are.


Knowing these resources will help you in a few different ways


First is you will know exactly where your ideal client is going to get their information about your products and services.


Knowing this you will be able to consume the same information they are when trying to make a deal.


The next benefit to knowing their go-to resources is you can gain direction on the type of content to create, on what channels and in what kind of tone.


Their preferred and trusted resources will show you the most effective ways to get in and stay in front of your ideal client.


Here is an example of how to ask your ideal client:


“What did you do first to identify all your different new car options?


In most cases, their response to that will be “I checked out some websites.”


Here is your response:


“You mentioned you checked out a few websites, which ones exactly, and what questions/concerns did you find answered there?”


The reason you want to ask about the what answers they received because it helps you understand the kind of questions they were asking Google in the first place.


Knowing that gives you insight on the questions you need to answer with your content efforts.


5. Decision Criteria


What features about a new car does your ideal client evaluate when investigating their options?


Having the insight on what drives your ideal client to make a decision on a new car is very powerful intel that will drive your messaging and content creation.


This insight will help with your content marketing decisions, clarifying both the questions your buyer is asking and the answers they want to hear.


What is important to the buyer? What do they weigh out between your product and a competitors product?


Here are some examples of decision criteria:


  • Fuel economy 
  • Warranty 
  • Performance
  • Technology 
  • Safety 
  • Easy to drive 
  • Holds its value 
  • Rebates & Incentives


Try to get as detailed as possible


To get the most genuine and authentic responses from your ideal client, you sometimes will have to pull it out of them.


Here is an example of questions for your ideal client:


“What vehicle features do you evaluate and compare when making your decision on what vehicle to purchase?”


Now if for example, their response is “performance” or whatever, you will want to follow up with a question like this:


“What aspect of performance is the most critical to you?”


Following up with a question like this will get you even deeper insight on what is important and carries weight in their decision making.


Knowing this will give you tons of content marketing opportunities for you to create that will resonate with your ideal client.

build a personal brand in car sales



It will be the foundation for your content creation and marketing messages.


When you create content that is created with someone specific in mind, it will resonate with them in a much stronger way and of course will deliver you better results.


The insight you receive from your ideal clients in this exercise will not just give you value in the answers they provide you but in the language/words, they used while answering.


This gives you the exact words/language they use so when crafting your messaging it will sound just like them, and that is sure to build a connection and trust.


Your ideal client buyer persona will be one of the most rewarding things you will do for your personal brand and the future of your success.


Once you have performed this exercise take the most common responses and answers and log them.


This will be the road map to creating your powerhouse brand that is the toast of the town in your marketplace.


You are building a business within a business


I know this looks like a lot of work and a big pain in the ass, and I hate to tell you this, but you’re right.


It is a lot of work and a huge pain which is why no car sales people are doing this. Heck most of them do not even know anything about this.


You do, which already puts you ahead of the pack.


The good news is that it is a lot of work and can be a big pain in the ass, so that means no one else in your marketplace is doing it, so all you need to do is just take action. No one else is!


Your personal brand is a real business and building/running a real business you will have to do things that are not enjoyable but are a must for your brand, for your business.


This is one of those things.