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A surefire way to rack up more mini deals and work more hours than you have to is by selling the car.


Let’s face the reality of the situation that your prospect can get pretty much that exact same car somewhere close by even and better yet probably for cheaper.


You yourself is what makes the difference. You are what your prospect will be buying as long as you are showing them
the value in doing business with you. In other words, you are… Selling You.


You are the one part of the deal that is truly different. The prospect does not get you (or anything like you for
that matter) when they buy from the guy up the block that most likely is just like the perception most prospects have of “car salesman”.


That is what we will talk about in this episode of the Car Pro Insider Podcast…


You Can Check Out The Video Here:


You Do Not Sell Cars, You Sell You

Anyone actively in the market for a new vehicle, in their eyes, they have some kind of problem when it comes to their
means of transportation.


To you and I it might not even sound like much of a real life problem, but all that matters is in their reality, shit
be a problem yo! You feel where I am coming from there?


So in order to sell you, you will need to custom tailor your service so it solves that prospects problem in a
fashion that over delivers like a baller!


Check out this episode at the player above and learn how you can start packaging yourself, start bottling you up and
start slinging mad you into your marketplace.


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