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Becoming the go-to resource in your marketplace is a sure-fire way to raise your personal brand to authority status.


In this episode of “The Car Pro Insider Podcast”, we are going to shed light on what it means and looks like when being the resource to your customers and prospects.


Recently some car sales professionals reached out to me asking me about being a resource and exactly how that is done.


That is why in this episode we are going to go into the overview of being the resource and then in the next episode we will go even deeper into it.


Check Out The Video:


Being Your Markets Go-To Resource


In this digital world, we are living in, a good way to understand what being the resource looks like is to think about the websites like Edmunds, KBB, Motor Trend, etc.


The only reason resource sites like theirs exist is because they publish the information people want and you and your dealership are not.


That being said you are presented with a great opportunity to become your markets resource and start attracting quality leads around the clock.


In this episode we go into more detail on what being the go-to resource looks like and what exactly it means to you.

Set Yourself Up For Success Selling Cars

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