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Social media is one of the most valuable tools you have in your toolbox, but you might be surprised to hear it is not one of your top 3 channels to become the go-to resource.


If you remember in the last episode of Car Pro Insider we discussed how being the go-to resource means producing content that answers your prospects and ideal clients questions.


Where do you think they are asking these questions? The same place you and I both ask our questions…Google.


If you leverage these three channels I am going to talk about the right way; you will be in front of your prospects when they are looking for an answer.

CPI 005: Being Your Markets Go-To Resource
Branding For Car Sales

The 3 Best Channels To Become The Go-To Resource



1. Website


Your website is your home base. It is your HQ. It is a must.


As I mentioned above, social media will be one of your most valuable tools, but you do not own the audience you build on social channels like Facebook. Let me explain…


The audience and connections you accumulate on social channels belong to the owners of that social channel.


At anytime Mark Zuckerberg could make another drastic change with Facebook and BOOM, just like that, your audience won’t see any of your posts without spending some dough.


The name of the game is to get as many of your social connections to head over to your website and submit their contact information there.


They do that, and now you own them.


Another key reason your website is a critical channel for branding you as a resource is its ability to show up in Google search results.


Let’s face it when you looking for answers and information you are asking Google, so it makes sense to want to show up in front of your prospects there.



2. YouTube


YouTube on a consistent basis will make you a star in your market. You will be a local celebrity if done right.


YouTube serves as a phenomenal tool for branding you as the go-to resource.


YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the galaxy (next to Google) so creating video content allows you to get in front of people searching YouTube for answers/information.


Another pro of using YouTube is that it is owned by Google (as I am sure you know) and videos get mad love from Google and have a better chance of getting ranked on page one of Google.


Combine that with the fact people love to watch video and they deliver stronger results than any other medium.


3. Email


Do not sleep on email marketing. Leveraging email the right way will provide you first class results.


Use email to distribute the content you create to the right prospects and past customers.


If you create a piece of content demonstrating a new feature on the latest Honda Accord, for example, you would only email that to people in your database that currently own a Honda Accord or have expressed interest in owning one.


Now if you have a video for example with tips on saving money on gas, that is an email you can blast to any and everyone in your database. I mean who the hell doesn’t want to save money on gas right?


Email is a killer way to brand yourself as the go-to resource to anyone you have in your database.


Don’t sleep on it.


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Branding For Car Sales

Becoming The Go-To Resource Is A Game Changer


The opportunity for you to position your brand as the local go-to resource is right in fron of you, it is on you to take action.


The goodnews is although it is a big commitment and requires massive hustle, becoming the go-to resource happens easily and fast if you follow the road map I just laid out for you.


Not only are the other car sales people in your marketplace not doing any of this, neither are the other dealerships, so it is yours for the taking. Let’s get it!


Hope to see you back here next week for Car Pro Insider episode 7 where we will dive into how to create this content like a pro. Until then keep killing it out there on thos blacktops and in those showrooms.


CPI 005: Being Your Markets Go-To Resource

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