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It is easy as a car salesperson to get caught up and solely focused on generating and attracting new customers. I get that.


It is very important to have a strategy dedicated to generating new leads, but it is even more important to have a strategy in place for staying in from of your past customers.


Your past customers already danced with you, they already know, like and trust you so it is a mistake not to stay in from of these customers, but most importantly staying in front of them with value.


If every time you are getting in front of a past customer you are asking them for referrals you are adding nothing to the relationship.


Think about it, how are you adding any value with doing nothing but asking them for something, rather than always giving them something?


Customers only care about themselves (we all do) so use that to your advantage. Provide them custom tailored follow-up that is valuable, and you won’t have to ask them to do business with you or send you referrals.


It will all happen organically and is a byproduct of always dropping value on your customers that pertain to them.


Five Ways Car Sales Pros Can Stay In Front Of  Past Customers


1. Phone –

The phone is one follow-up channel that is in every salesperson arsenal in every industry.


Sure, a phone conversation is great and can be almost as effective as a face to face chat, but the only problem is people are not answering the phone as much as they have in the past.


The phone can be leveraged in more ways than just a direct phone call.


How to use the phone to stay in front of past customers:


  • Phone Call – The phone has been a staple in the car sales industry since it’s creation I am sure, but in today’s day and age according to At&t (and my boy Ryan Stewman for educating me on this) over 85% of actual phone calls go unanswered. Still, a great tool to keep in front of your customers the odds of you connecting with them are getting slimmer and slimmer.
  • Text Messages – Seems like in today’s world everyone is texting. From old to young and everything in between. Text messages should be one of your most used channels for keeping in touch with past customers. Sometimes just a simple short text saying something like “wanted to drop by and say hi and make sure you still love your new car.”

Check out this quick video to make text messaging more efficient:

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2.Personal Websites

Is a business a business in today’s marketplace without a website? Are you striving towards building your own business within a business as a true Automotiveprener?


A personal website is the most powerful way a car salesperson can stay in front of past customers and attract new customers 24/7 no matter where you are at and what you are doing.


How to use a personal website to keep in front of past customers:


  • Blog – Sadly to say car salespeople are missing the boat overall when it comes to blogging. Use your blog to stay in front of your past customers by creating content that is of value and or pertains to them in one-way shape or form.
  • Newsletter – A personal website is one of the best places to get individuals to subscribe to a newsletter. You can even just create a specific landing page or post and use that as your monthly newsletter. Include links to other content from around the web that pertains to your customer and also put some focus on local content.

Check out this video for more tips for a car sales pro personal website:


3. Email

Email has taken a backseat for a lot of car sales professionals.


They are leaning more towards leveraging text messages, social media direct messages and other forms of communication, which all the more reason for you to go hard on email.


Email is one of my favorite ways of communicating with past customers at scale.


Here are a few ways to leverage email to stay in front of your customers:


  • Automation – One of the most powerful features that email offers are the ability to automate your follow-up. If you do not see positive results from you email automation you probably need to segment your customers into smaller lists. If you try to automate email and have the same emails going out to all of your customers, your results will suffer.
  • Distribute Content – You know those blog posts and newsletters I was talking about love in number 2? Email is a great way to distribute this valuable content and get it in front of your customers.Your customers will love receiving emails from a car salesperson that isn’t all about trying to sell them.

Here is some more content on email strategies for car sales professionals:

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4. Video

The video is an awesome way to communicate and connect with past customers.


People love to watch a video and of course it gives you more options for demonstrating features and delivering value to your past customers.


There is a long list of ways to utilize video to stay connected with past customers. It all boils down to how creative you can get.


Here are a few ways you can use video to stay connected with past customers:


  • Updates Regarding Their Vehicle – We all know recalls are part of the car sales business. Creating a video and distributing it via email (as described in step 3 above) where it not only notifies your customer of a recall on that model, you can also explain to the customer what exactly the recall is on and why. Most recall notifications do not speak “normal person” and at times be confusing. Create a video that explains it in easy to understand words and distribute via email to all your customers who own this make and model.
  • Tips For Their Vehicle – Even though you review and demo a vehicles features and cool technology with your customer, maybe even several times, the chances of them being overwhelmed are quite high. Shoot some videos demonstrating how to execute certain popular and convenient features on the vehicle they own and drip them these tutorials over time. They will love you for it, for sure!

Want to create better videos? Check out this video:

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5. Facebook

Just like text messages, it seems like everyone old and young is on Facebook these days.


Facebook, when executed properly, can function as a lead generator for car salespeople, but with the newsfeed being as cluttered as it is and moving as fast as it is, it doesn’t make for the best channel to stay in front of past clients.


That being said, Facebook still has some powerful ways you can use it to stay in front of customers while delivering value.


How to use Facebook to stay in front of customers:


  • Facebook Private Messages – Facebook private message feature is almost as strong as text messages today. Although you can’t use this feature at scale (more of a one to one communication), you can still take some time out every month and shoot a quick note over to a customer via Facebook private message. This makes the most sense for your customers that you know super active on Facebook. Holler at them where they like to hang out at, you know?
  • Facebook Groups – Facebook Groups are all the rage on Facebook these days, so it’s time for you to tap into these if you haven’t yet. A “Toyota Owners Atlanta” (obviously your make and your city) is not only a great way to stay in front of your customers with value, but it is also an opportunity to convert people who have not done business with you into customers. Add people who have not purchased from you but you know they own a “Toyota.” Pump value and share content (doesn’t have to be your original content even) in the group and position yourself as your marketplaces authority on the vehicle make you specialize in.

Check out this training on tapping into local Facebook Groups from Ryan Stewman:


Build Your Strategy To Stay In Front Of Past Customers With Value


I can’t stress enough the importance and the value of staying in front of your past customers.


They have already done business with you, so that means they most likely already know like and trust you, so it makes no sense to let these relationships fall by the waste side.


If you stay in front of them using the examples above and you are delivering your customers value that pertains to them, you will not have to ask for their business or referrals. They will send them to you regardless.


What are you doing right now to stay in front of your past customers, and keep the relationship alive?


Sound off in the comments section below!

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