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With more car dealerships and car salespeople using video to follow-up with prospects, now more than ever you need to up your game when it comes to your videos.


If you want your follow-up videos to stand out from the rest and help you close more sales, you will need to pay more attention to the details and the quality of your videos.


If you are not yet using video to follow-up with your prospects, what are you waiting for?


When you send follow-up videos, it helps strengthen your connection with your prospect and helps them feel like they even know you before ever even meeting you.


If you are currently using video to follow-up with your prospects or not, the five tips we are about to review will help you.

Let’s jump into it.

Make Better Customer Follow-Up Videos

1. Don’t Try To Wing It

You want your follow-up videos to be short and sweet, so you going to want to have an idea of what you are going to say.


When you try to wing it off the top of your head, you are more likely to ramble which will, in turn, make your video longer and for no good reason. You want your videos to be clear and concise.


I am not saying get on camera and recite a script or anything like that. Just have your bullets and main focus points documented.


2. Frame The Shot

Want to know what can kill a video? Not framing the shot properly.

The frame is how the video looks while it is being watched regardless of the device being used. The top of the frame is obviously the top of the screen, and the bottom is the bottom.


It is important to frame the shot, so the top of your head is as close to the top of the frame (screen).


When there is a bunch of space between the top of your head and the top of the frame, the shot just looks dumb.


Keep the camera shot tight and keep the top pf your head as close to the top of the frame and you will be all good.


framing your shot customer follow-up videos

Framing Your Shot


3. Tell The Prospect What You Are Going To Do Next

The minute you tell someone what your next course of action is going to be, it automatically warms that action, and it is no longer cold. Think about that for a second…


When you give them a heads up of what is going to happen next for example “send the car to clean up,” “get the paperwork ready,” “stop by with the vehicle,” “call back later” whatever it is you are going to do next let them know.


If your prospect completely objects to your net action, they are probably going to respond and object. If they do in fact do this well at least, you unearthed an objection, and now you just need to handle it.


If they do not object to your proposed next action well, that tells me that it sounds good to them and they are ok with it.


If the prospect acts shocked or offended by your next course of action, you can always fall back on the fact you gave them a heads up that you were doing so.


4. Tell The Prospect What To Do Next

The chances of someone doing something you would like them to do increases a boat load by simply just asking them. Pretty groundbreaking right? Ha!


Telling your prospect in your video what you would like them to do next for example “call you back,” “check their email,” “confirm an appointment” whatever it may be it needs to be in your video.


Every video you create whether it be for a follow-up video or for a YouTube video it needs to have a call to action.


When a prospect is watching one of your videos, they are connected with you and super engaged, so the timing is perfect to ask them to take action. There is no better time.


5. Don’t Use YouTube

If you are distributing your video via text or Facebook messenger, for example, you will want to send those natively through your device.


When you are sending through email, you will want to use a video hosting service or tool. You do want to send the email as an attachment or natively through email.


It is in your best interest not to send your prospect to YouTube to view a follow-up video. YouTube is the almighty rabbit hole of the web, and it can easily distract and take your prospect of course.


Another reason you shouldn’t use YouTube to distribute your follow-up videos is the prospect might see other videos like the one you sent them but for somebody else. That will kill the thrill and make them feel less special. They will think “you just do this for everyone.”


The best way to send your videos via email is by using a video email tool. You have a few different ones to choose from but the latest big player in town is called Bomb-Bomb, and my close friend Elise Kephart swears by it.

Check out this video from Elise Kephart about Bomb-Bomb:


Want to check out Bomb-Bomb and learn more?Click Here.

It Is Time To Double Down On Video

Whether you are currently sending custom tailored follow-up videos to your prospects or not, if you use these five tips you will see better results.


You might be seeing a lot of car salespeople talking about using video, but I would bet no one is using it at your dealership and maybe not even in your marketplace. The time is now.


What are some of your favorite techniques or strategies for video follow-up?


Share them in the comment section below and let’s keep the conversation rolling.

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