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While building your high-quality personal brand in your marketplace, you will need to constantly be inspired and always looking for creative ways to market yourself.
When I need inspiration, I dive into branding and marketing campaigns of the past that I thought were strong and of course, ads that worked.
Here are 3 of my favorite branding/marketing campaigns of all time.
Branding For Car Sales

1. Bo Jackson “Bo Knows”

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.12.04 PM

If I knew one thing growing up, I knew Bo! I still till this day will put money up that I have the largest Bo Jackson card collection out there.
The ” Bo Knows” branding/ad campaign TV commercials had me hooked like a dope addict. I bought several pairs of the Bo Jackson sneaker as well as any apparel and jerseys he released. Hell, even the number I rocked in little league baseball was sixteen which Bo wore with the Kansas City Royals. 
I even changed my little league number to eight when Bo came back from hip replacement surgery, played for the Chicago White Sox and started donning the number eight. 
To me back then Bo Jackson was the man and Nike did a phenomenal job presenting him to the marketplace in such a way I was 100% convinced he was. 


2. Michael Jordan & Spike Lee “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes”

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.05.41 PMSome of my early “closes” were to my parents to kick out for me on the latest Nike Air Jordan releases. 
“It’s Gotta Be The Shoes” ad with MJ and Spike Lee as the now famous Mars Blackm0nd character that Spike played in his movie “She’s Gotta Have It”, is a legendary ad in my opinion.
I can remember looking forward to seeing this commercial (who the hell looks forward to a commercial these days), and I truly believe this campaign was critical to the long-term success of the Jordan brand. 


3. Macho Man Randy Savage “Snap Into A Slim Jim OHH YEAA”

Untitled design (1)

“Snap into a Slim Jim, ohhh yeaaaa” in that Macho Man Randy Savage voice has become an iconic phrase.


The Macho Man Randy Savage Slim Jim commercials will never get old to me. I have been a pro wrestling super duper fan for most of my life so Randy of course has a special place in my heart.


Even if you are not a pro wrestling fan, I bet you still loved you some “ohhh yeaaaa” from Randy.


Randy killed it and become like the face of Slim Jim for a hot minute and did several different versions of the ad.


RIP Macho Man.


Branding For Car Sales

Look at your favorite ads and branding campaigns for inspiration.

I know a lot of people who watch TV as an escape from work, but not me. I am always watching commercials for inspiration for my brand and/or projects I am working on.
I strongly recommend looking at TV ads, magazine ads and any other influential platforms your favorite brands are marketing on in a whole new way. 
Study how they are communicating and engaging with their target audience and how you might be abe to transition that into your branding and marketing efforts. 
What are some of your favorite branding/ad campaigns from the past? Comment below. 
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