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Like any other business out there, the car business is packed with unqualified individuals in management positions all because of who they are.


They could be related to the owner, worked at the dealership for a long time, a family friend, whatever.


Regardless of the why, the issue is they are not cut out to play that position on the team which in the long haul costs the whole team dollars.


I have had the unfortunate pleasure of being exposed to a lot of auto dealership sales management, and sadly most of them shouldn’t even be in the car biz.


Don’t get me wrong, though. There are some amazing and super talented sales managers in the car biz, but the real is like it or not they are a very rare breed. I’d bet there is more Bigfoot’s out there than kick ass sales managers.


Please, if you are a sales manager and you are awesome don’t be offended, I am not referring to you. If you are a sales manager, and you are wack, also please don’t be offended. Just get better bro.


So, in honor of crappy sales managers let’s talk about some of the downright stupid sh!t they say sometimes. Enjoy!


The 5 Stupidest Things Automotive Sales Managers Say To Salespeople



1. “Just get em in”

Um… well duh! Why do you think I am coming to you mister sales manager? This one always pissed me off.


If the salesperson were able to get the prospect to agree to come in, well, the customers would be coming into the dealership already for crying out loud.


Of course, a salesperson’s goal is to get the customer in. That’s the only way to get paid in this biz. At the end of the day, you can’t sell a car over the phone.


What I don’t get is why the sales manager thinks they are saying something prolific or have some brilliant idea when they say to a salesperson “Just get em in”?


2. “Control your customer”

Look, this isn’t Nazi Germany, you can’t control people, bro.


I have heard almost every sales manager I’ve ever met utter these words to one of their salespeople.


You can’t control an individual, but you can control the process with an individual. It is all about process, and that’s the only thing you can control.


If you are a salesperson and your sales manager tells you to “control your customer” don’t pay it anytime. If they have a good process in place just control that.


3. “If they leave, you leave with them”

Talk about the worst motivation on the planet!


I can’t count how many times I watched a new salesperson try to work a deal, and the sales manager sends them into the office with numbers, but before doing so, the manager tells the salesperson “if they leave, you leave with them.”


I mean really, though? Why any manager on the planet thinks to say that helps any situation or motivates the salesperson in any way shape or form.


Don’t let this stupid saying shake you. Keep focused and just close the deal. Even if the customer leaves, I will bet your sales manager doesn’t make you leave with them.


4. “Stop being weak”

The salesperson isn’t weak; they are just not trained. It’s more likely the manager is weak, not the salesperson.


If a sales manager refers to one of their salespeople as “weak” that is just a reflection of how weak the sales manager is.


Salespeople are not weak. They are just not trained.


A sales manager is responsible for getting his roster of salespeople prepared and trained professionals. Train your people, and everyone will get more money.


5. “Do I have to do your job for you?”

Yea, you’re doing my job for me. The manager that comes into the office and “does your job” for you and doing the job meaning breaking out the red marker and slashing prices.


I don’t need someone to slash prices for me, hell I can do that all by myself.


There isn’t a salesperson out there that wants the sales manager to do their job for them. They just want the sales manager to show them how to do their job and how to do it better. That’s all.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t need someone else to close a deal for me by discounting. Anyone can do that.



Become Deaf To The Stupid Things Car Sales Managers Say


Don’t get it twisted, there are some killer sales managers in the car biz, but unfortunately there are way more bad ones. Sorry to say.


As a salesperson, you need to become deaf to this kind of talk from your manager or better yet, just share this blog post and podcast with them.


What are some of the outlandish and downright dumb things you’ve heard from one of your sales managers?


Sound off in the comments section below with some of the hilarious things you’ve heard car sales managers say.

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