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I am not by any means going to sit here and try to even act like email is as popular and effective as it once was.
Email is most certainly less effective than it has been in the past, but not for nothing email is still effective and is underutilized in the car sales industry.
With so many different channels and ways to communicate with prospects, it has seemed that email has indeed fallen by the waist side.
That makes it the perfect time to up your game and efforts when it comes to sending emails to your prospects.
In this podcast and blog post, we are going to review five tips that will help you craft better emails that will deliver you better results.

The Car Salesperson Guide To Writing Better Emails


Five Tips To Help Write Better Emails


1. Creative Email Subject

The email subject line has one gig, just one job to do, and that sells the open of the email. That’s it.
It is important to spend time tweaking and crafting creative email subject lines, and then create a “swipe file” of where you will keep these subject lines that perform well for you.
The subject line does not need to be tied back to the content of your emails body. It just needs to do its one job, and that gest that email opened up.
Now, there are some words and phrases you want to stay clear of using in your subject lines if you do not want your emails held up in the spam filters. When that happens, no one benefits.
Here is a list of spammy words and phrases to avoid in your email subject lines:


2. Sell The Phone Call

If you are emailing a new(er) lead or prospect, in your initial emails to them you need to focus on selling the phone call. Your objective in these early emails should be to get them on the horn.
Chances are slim you are going to sell them a car via an email or a phone call even, but you want to get these leads on the phone early to increase the percentage of booking an appointment with them.
No matter what in these initial emails at least try to sell them on a phone call. It is completely free to ask.

3. Include Links

Get your prospect engaged with your emails and include external links to videos, blog posts and any other content that you believe they would find value in.
Ideally, this would be great if you were linking them to content you create or curate to your website, but it doesn’t have to be.
You can link them to video reviews from credible 3rd parties like Motor Trend or Car & Driver. They’re plenty of 3rd parties creating valuable, quality content you can link in your emails that will provide value to your prospect.
Get them engaged in a call to action in your email to “click the link” and then you can wow them and provide them value, which in most cases will lead to them giving you their business.
You got to sell the click to the link, but look at it this way, if you can’t sell them on clicking a link that costs zero dollars, how do you intend on selling them a car or truck for 30k? Just a thought.
Here is some great content to help you sell the click:


4. One or Two-Sentence Paragraphs

If you want to increase the amount of your emails that get read, start breaking up those hideous “clumps of text”. Use one maybe two sentences max per paragraph.
For example, if you are on my email list or hell reading this post right now, you will see I use very short paragraphs.
When you break up every sentence into its paragraph, your email will be much easier to consume and more importantly it will be easier to skim through, and that is a plus because we are living in the “skim reader” era for sure.
Large paragraphs look like big clumps of intimidating text that turns me off from even attempting to consume.
With most emails opened via a mobile device, structuring your emails with one sentence paragraphs will make your emails flow like H2O on your prospects mobile device.
Think about it. Breaking up the text into small bite sized paragraphs will get more of your emails read.
The more emails you get read the more prospects will take action on the calls to action you include into your email which intern should lead to more appointments which in fact leads to more closed deals.
See what I mean?

email giff

5. Use Plain Text Emails

If at all possible stay away from using the HTML, fancy email templates with graphics and all that jazz.
Keep them plain text.
It makes them easier to consume (which the easier to consume the more they will be consumed), and they give off the vibe and looks like it could be an email from a friend, not some corporate monster.
Plain text emails look and feel more organic and are much more personal than a corporate, fancy design template.
Make it look like it is a friend, not a business and you will get better results from your emails.
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Start Crafting Better Emails And Start Selling More Cars

The five tips above are just easy to implement tactics and actions that you can start executing in your emails today.
Putting these tips into action will without a doubt increase the effectiveness of your emails but keep in mind there is no one size fits all secret potion for getting more response from your emails.
You need to pay attention to what is working and what is not. Stay tweaking, adjusting and adding to your emails till you find what works best in your market, for your prospects.
Until then, you can start with working on any or all of these email tips to help you get more out of your emails.
I want to hear some of your best email practices. Sound off with them in the comments below! I can’t wait to check them out.