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The quality of your new vehicle demo and presentation still can play a big factor when it comes to make or breaking the sales.


Once you have offered the customer some other options and solidified their interest in the right vehicle it is time for the presentation and demo.


I have met many car sales professionals who pretty much do the exact same presentation to every customer and I must say that is a horrible idea!


It is not just the vehicles that are different, the people that buy the different vehicles are all different as well. That is why it is important to always deliver a custom tailored presentation based off of the customer.


Now that being said there is a few things you can do and should do with each new vehicle presentation that will help you rock the socks off your customers.

Five Tips For Delivering A First Class New Vehicle Presentation

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1. Never Present On The Lot

Never Present Vehicle on the Lot

Just pulling the vehicle out of the row or out front of the dealership is not where you want to be at when demonstrating them features, benefits and the value of the product.

There is just to much action going on around most dealerships and the other few hundred cars sitting within an arms reach of your customer on the lot does not make holding their attention easy.


Instead, take them to an off-site location and give them a five star demonstration of the vehicle.


I always used a hotel parking lot, shopping center, or restaurant close to the dealership.

2. always drive first

You Always Drive First

For someone who doesn’t drive a car around a busy dealerships lot everyday it can be quite the task pulling one off the lot for a test drive.


Your prospect might not be familiar at all with the vehicle and you driving the vehicle first also keeps you in control of the process.


I also think it is good to drive first because you can point out to them things on the steering wheel, dash, or wherever that you normally are pointing out to them while they are nervously trying to maneuver this vehicle that is not theirs or familiar to them at all. Yea not a good look.


Always drive first and drive them to where you like to demonstrate the vehicle in a distraction free zone.

3. only demo whats hot

Demo Only What’s Hot!

Do not sit there and work your way down the window sticker. Thats bogus! No one speaks like a new car window sticker.


Instead like a true professional find out before you ever even get the keys to a car what is important to them and what are the top problems they are experiencing with their current vehicle solution.


Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is demonstrate and build value in the vehicles features that are most important to them. Thats all they care about.

4. end driver seat

End with the Customer in the Drivers Seat & Help Them Get Comfortable/Situated

This one here is a gem.


After you highlighted all the “hot sh%t” that means the most to your customer, make sure you end your presentation sitting them down in the driver seat.


Do not just close the door and hop in shotgun or the back.


Leave the door open and show them how the seat controls work so they can get as comfy as possible. Show them how the power lumbar works or better yet the seat massage (if applicable of course).


Do not just stop there, show them what all the controls on the driver side door do. You know the windows, locks, mirrors, etc. It is easier doing this with the door open then you leaning over them from the passenger seat like a weirdo.


Help them get completely comfortable in the driver seat of their soon to be new car 🙂


Once you have them settled shut the door nice and slow and hop in the front seat.

You need to ride up front with them even if they have a spouse or guest with them.

Before you start on the test drive you need to point out rad features from the dashboard, odometer and steering wheel, which can be awkward doing this effectively from the back seat.


Explain to your customers it is easier if you ride up front with the primary driver so you can answer questions and point out additional cool features. Easier and much safer for everyone if you do that from the front seat.


I do recommend if you do pull over on the test drive so your customers can switch drivers, I then would move to the back seat.


Let the primary driver experience the vehicle and play with the cool features in the dashboard/info center.


You are almost ready to start the test drive. Just one more quick thing…

5. connect phone

Connect Their Cellphone To Play Their Music

Whether it takes a specific plug or you can connect via Bluetooth, get the customers phone paired up and have them pick some music to play, so they can experience the sound system.


In addition to demonstrating the vehicles stereo with their favorite music, you add to the whole all over quality of your vehicle presentation.


Everyone loves music and music has always had a magical power like effect that does wonders for peoples moods. Especially when it is music they love!


Music makes any experience better.


If they do not have a smartphone with them pair up yours and ask who their favorite music artist is, pull up one of their hits on YouTube and let em jam out!


Always get their music playing. It can only help.



One More New Car Presentation Tip

Make sure to bring energy and excitement to your vehicle presentations. If you are truly excited about your product and its extensive features you should have no problem being genuinely excited while presenting it.


Bring some personality to your demo’s and don’t be afraid of being yourself.


People buy from people and you always have that in common.


So there you have it…


Five Tips to Giving a Powerful New Vehicle Demo

Are you delivering a powerful presentation when you demo a new vehicle for a customer?

What are somethings you do in your demo that seems to be a hit with the customers?
If you want to enhance your new car demo start doing the steps in this post and you will sell more cars.
Have fun!
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