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If you don’t know how to present a vehiclein a way that resonates and compels your customer you are going to have a hard time closing most deals.


The better your presentation, the more car sales you will close and the more gross you will hold on the deal.


If you are not demonstrating the value of your product, your customer will never be able to determine if the vehicle is the right one for them.


In this Car Pro Insider Podcast episode and blog post, I am going to break down the framework of my vehicle presentation that helped me close hundreds of car deals.


How To Deliver A Powerful Vehicle Presentation

You Always Drive First

You can’t control your customer, but you can control the process.


When you drive first, you are maintaining control of the process, and you are also making things easier for the customer.


Your customer is not familiar with the vehicle or your dealerships lot. There is always a lot of traffic around the dealership so to help make things easier it is best that you always drive first.


When you are behind the wheel, first it gives you the opportunity to demo and present any controls or features on the steering wheel or dash instead of trying to point them out to the customer while they are driving. That can get ugly.


The main reason you want to drive first is to set them up your presentation for the second step.



Present The Vehicle Off Site

Another reason it is important for you to drive first is so you can drive them off site to give them your full vehicle walk around.


An off-site presentation is important because it clears any distractions like the hundreds of other vehicles you have on your lot, other salespeople, other customers that may show up or call. It will allow you to dedicate your focus on your customer and theirs on the vehicle and you.


Your dealership is full of distractions that could easily detour you or your customers focus on what’s important, and that could lead to blown sales.


Focus On What The Customer Is Focused On

It boils down to one of 3 different things that are most important to car shoppers.


Safety, performance, or luxury/technology.


Knowing that there is one of roughly three different focuses that will be relevant to your customer allows you to be prepared and know what to focus on in your vehicle presentation


When you know what is relevant to your client, you can make sure you are putting extra emphasis on what is important to them, and that will lead to a more custom tailored, compelling presentation.


The better the presentation, the better the chance of you making a sale.


End At The Drivers Seat

Start at the front of the vehicle and work clockwise around it to end up with you sitting the primary driver into the driver’s seat.


Once you have your customer seated, help them get their seat set up perfectly for them in addition to their mirrors and what not.


It is important that the customer is comfortable behind the wheel. If they are not comfortable, they will never be able to determine if this vehicle is, in fact, the right one for them.


Help them get settled in and all the driving features customized to meet their needs. This is critical.


Connect Their Phone To Bluetooth

If you are presenting a vehicle with Bluetooth technology chances are the customer is a smartphone user.


Take the time before they start driving to connect their phone to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system. This will show them how to connect devices to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system, and will also get them to start taking even more mental ownership of the vehicle.


Once you have their device connected, encourage them to play whatever music they would like.


Music is very powerful and can enhance almost any kind of experience. Music makes people feel good and very comfortable.


Help you, customer, enhance their experience with listening to their favorite music while on the test drive.

The Better You Present A Vehicle The Better Your Sales Numbers

It is easy to get caught up in all the hype about generating more car buyers and implementing new marketing tactics, but don’t let that steer you away from important parts of making the sale like the presentation.


I used this same presentation layout to close hundreds of car deals, and it will work for you too.


Practice, drill, and rehearse your presentation and tweak until you get it just right. You will start to make more car sales and money right away. No doubt!


Do you have a secret recipe for your vehicle presentations?


Sound off in the comment sections below and let’s talk more about it.

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