Personal Branding 101: Personal Branding That Makes Sales For Car Professionals

Personal Branding 101: How To Build A Personal Brand In Car Sales…And Actually Make Sales From It

personal branding for car sales

Personal branding for car salespeople resource

With thousands and thousands of car salespeople out there what are you doing to set yourself apart?


What separates you from the amateur sleazeballs selling cars in your marketplace?


It’s called a personal brand.


The time is now for you to start getting serious about building your personal brand and crushing it in automotive sales.


The Ultimate Car Sales Pro Personal Branding Checklist

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Why Personal Branding Is Smart For Every Car Salesperson

Here’s the deal:


Everybody, whether they sell cars or not has a personal brand whether they are actively building one or not.


A personal brand, in a nutshell, is how people perceive you before ever even having an experience with whats-so-ever.


You do not want to be looked at like just another “car guy” or “car gal” do you?


Taking full control of your personal brand will position you as the authority go-to car salesperson in your marketplace. Everyone wants to work with the expert… With the best!


Today I am going to show you how to get started building your personal brand in car sales the right way.


If you are just getting started in the car sales business you might want to watch this quick video:

Getting Started: How To Build A Personal Brand The Right Way

It is important when building your personal brand to have your mindset in the right place. You need to start thinking like an entrepreneur. Here is how to get your mindset where it needs to be.

Mistakes can be very costly when trying to get your car sales personal brand off the ground. Here are the 3 most common personal branding mistakes by car salespeople.

Identifying what your personal brands “specialization” is how you will position yourself as the expert car professional in your town or city. Check out this quick podcast and article on “Getting Specialized”.

Even a personal brand needs a creative and compelling logo. A poor quality logo will damage your brand more than it will ever help it. Make sure you have a quality logo but not making these common logo mistakes.

Online Video will be insanely important to the growth of your automotive sales personal brand. This article here reviews the affordable and easy to use tools you will need to create quality videos.

Marketing and keeping your personal brand in front of the right car buyers is going to be an everyday thing, Check out this article for some awesome marketing ideas for car salespeople.

A personal website is the launching pad for your personal brand. Check out some of my favorite car sales personal branding websites.

Your personal branding and marketing campaigns will always call for some inspiration. These are my top three favorite branding/marketing campaigns of all time.

You do not sell cars you sell you! Architect and position your personal brand to do all the selling for you.

The key to building credibility and authority for your personal brand is by being your markets go-to resource. Learn how.

Learn the top online channels that will help you become the go-to resource for car shoppers in your market. 

13 marketing ideas for car salespeople to build their brand and generate leads in their marketplace. 

Avoid the most common personal branding mistake committed by today’s car sales professionals. 

Car sales in today’s day all start online, so why wouldn’t a car salesperson want to be online with a personal website to engage with these prospects?

A buyer persona will give you insight on what your ideal client is thinking and doing while they journey through their options that address their transportation needs.

All customers are not created equal. A car salespersons personal brand should be built around the customers they want to attract.

Online video is a powerful tool for car salespeople to leverage to help with their personal branding.

Blogging is not just great for personal branding it will also sell you cars. Check out this content on blogging for car sales.

And there is more on personal branding for car sales professionals to come…

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