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I see so many car sales people trying to encourage their personal branding, but a lot of them are hurting their business rather than helping it.


It is vital to pay close attention to the smallest of details regarding your personal brand in order to reach the premium positioning you should want for your personal brand.


There is a long list of mistakes we make along the way while building our personal brand so I wanted to bring your attention to the 3 biggest mistakes I see being made by way to many car sales professionals.


Lets dive right in right now!

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 1. Not Identifying Your “Ideal Client”

It is not possible for your personal brand to appeal and connect with every car buyer out there.    
Hell if I had to bet I would totally bet the house on you do not want to attract every kind of buyer do you?        
Now I don’t know about you but when I was selling cars everyday I wanted clients that:

    • Paid all the money


  • Have a lot in common with and genuinely enjoy being around them



  • Purchase multiple vehicles for their household and family



  • Send me the most referrals



  • Always give perfect CSI



The characteristics of your “ideal client” might be different and thats ok but you need to dial in on who your “ideal client” is.      
This is the first step I go into with anyone I work with to build their personal brand.  
That way when it comes to design and other vital components of your personal brand you know who you are trying to connect with and makes the overall brand design that much easier.      

 “If your trying to speak to everyone you are speaking to no one”.

  Once you know the type of clients you want to attract, you can design your personal brand to speak directly to them.  
That is how connections are made and then the magic starts to happen.      
I go deeper into how you can dial in on your “Ideal Client” in this podcast episode, click here to listen.    

 2. A stale, boring or uncreative “Brand Promise”

  A properly executed personal brand instills expectations in the mind of prospects what exactly they get if they choose you to handle their automotive needs.       That is done through your personal brands “promise” or some call it a “Unique Selling Proposition”. A USP.  

 Your personal brands “promise” needs to be 100% for your target clients. Not for you.

    Once you figure out the wants and better yet the “pains” your target clients endure when it comes to their automotive needs, you then build your brands promise to take away their pains and fulfill their wants.        
When your personal brands “promise” does that for your target clients, your phone line will be blowing up and they will be lining up to do business with you. No BS!        
Engage your current clients that fall into your “target client” category find out what they like best about your service, your product and all around experience with you.      
After that find out their biggest “pains” and/or what they dread about it as well.         Get creative and build a “Promise/USP” that is unique, speaks to your target client, and doesn’t sound like most these “blah” brands/businesses saying the same stale old nonsense that no one gives a sh%t about!    
Like “we been in business 30 years” “Family owned & operated” “ We put customer service first”…        
Quick tip, once you have your “Brands Promise” you have to deliver on that promise with no exception day in and out. Very important.    

 3. Not having a quality website or worse yet no website at all

  First thing, if you do not have a quality personal website you really do not have a personal brand.    
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any other social sites or branding channels you may use, although those platforms are valuable, they are not as valuable when you have your own quality website.        
Facebook, Instagram, etc, are owned and controlled by other people. Your profiles/pages are not yours. You do not own them. They are rented land. Ya feel me?      
Your quality website is all yours! It is your home base, your hub.    
The objective is to get those “ideal clients” you are engaging with via those social channels is get them to click through to your website which you do own. 

The Ultimate Car Sales Pro Personal Branding Checklist

Get your FREE copy of this 10-Point checklist that shows you exactly what you need to build a powerhouse personal brand that sells you more cars. Click Here to Download

 Once you get them over to your quality website it will be easier for you to:

– Build a powerful relationship that connects on a higher level
– Establishes your expertise/authority as the go to guy/gal in your marketplace
– Convert them to a opportunity to do business by capturing their contact info
– Provide value, educate and answer questions of your current clients as well as prospective clients


Now you may have noticed (if you have been paying attention) I refer to your website as a “quality website”, and thats because “just a website” in todays aggressive market just does not cut it these days.


When I launched my first website as a car sales pro in 2010, mine like many of the websites I see a lot of car pro’s have today are really just online brochures, glorified business cards. No experience. No value for the end user.


Not user friendly and sadly not professional design.

A poor quality designed website will only hurt your personal brand.


Your website needs to be for your target client and about them. Not you.


To learn more about how to create a “quality website” for a car sales pro check out this webinar I did a little while back


There are so many components to building a premium personal brand but these are the top 3 mistakes I see a ton of car pro’s are making today.


Take what we have talked about in this post, execute on it like a mad man and you will save the time, headaches, and money from making the same mistakes I have made in my journey.


Holla!!! What are some other personal branding mistakes to you frequently see in the auto sales industry? Type them below in the comment section and lets chat about them!