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That is what I said quit your job in car sales right now!


Quit your job as a car salesperson and build your very own business within a business. Become a “Automotivepreneur”.


A “Automotivepreneur” is a title I coined for the go getter car sales professional who is doing more than just showing up to the dealership to sell but one who is investing in building their very own business within a business.


I started my very first official business when I was 18 years old and when I started in the car sales industry at age 30 I saw amazing opportunity.


When I really started to think about the automotive industry and that the dealer was providing me tons of resources and most importantly providing me access to millions upon millions of dollars worth of inventory I could sell and then get paid for it…


I started to think I should be paying the dealer for this opportunity!


The majority of pay plans auto dealers operate on for their sales people are strictly performance based. Straight commission. You don’t sell any cars you don’t make any money.


So with that being the case why would anyone who sells cars show up every day for 12 hours plus and just rely on the dealerships traffic and marketing for their paycheck?


Not this guy here that’s for sure and you shouldn’t either!


It’s time to step up, dive in and start building your business within a business. It’s time that YOU quit your job as just another car salesperson and become a “Automotivepreneur”.


Here Are My Top 5 Tips For Becoming An Automotiveprener And Launching Your Very Own Business Within A Business.

Branding For Car Sales


1. Get Your Mind Right

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.40.58 AM When building and or running a successful business your “mindset” plays a huge role.


It is also true as a “Automotivepreneur” building your own business within a business.


Ask yourself, are you passionate about becoming an ‘Automotivepreneur?


I ask you this because you are going to need to be because building a business is hard. Same goes for when building your own business within a business.


Stop thinking and acting like an employee and start operating like a CEO day in and out.  It is also important you shift your mindset to start thinking like a CEO/ business owner.


You need to be willing to invest money into building and growing your business within a business, and that starts with having the “CEO Mindset”.


Connect with other business owners you know and respect and talk to them about the mindset. They will be happy to talk shop because chances are they love what they’re doing. (Also maybe then you can sell them a car)



2. Build A Personal Brand

wallstreet460-1 Whether you think you have a personal brand or not truth is you have one, so it is vital you are taking control of your personal brand.


A personal brand is what people perceive of you even before or without ever working with you or interacting with you.


A strong well crafted personal brand is the best way to stand out from the crowd in the current cluttered marketplace.


It is an awesome way to convey to your target marketplace what you do and for whom.



3. Market Your Business Like It’s A Business

entou You need to be a creative marketer and always looking for unique outside the box ways to connect with targeted car buyers in your marketplace.


Having a strong social presence on channels like Facebook, Twitter etc is very important but just won’t cut it by its self.


You need to have a professionally designed, properly branded website is the foundation to your business within a business.


I mean imagine a business telling you today that they do not have a website?   Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. although all amazing resources to sell you more cars you do not own or control them.   At any time, any of those channels could go away or shut your account down.


It is like building a house on rented land.


Your website is the home base for all your marketing.


Everything you do is to get prospects to take action and click back to your website where you start to build your relationship with them.   Get serious about marketing and get even more serious about online marketing.


You can’t do that until you have a personal professional website that functions as more than just an online brochure/business card.



4. Get Serious About Your Education

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.57.48 AM The best of the best in their prospective professions are serious when it comes to continual education.


From doctors to lawyers to real estate agents etc. the cream of the crop is always investing in their education. You need to as well.


There is no shortage of incredible information and training to tighten up your sales game.   Make sure you are educating yourself on things like marketing, copywriting, video production, websites, digital marketing (Even if you are not doing it yourself you will need some understanding of these things) and anything else that will help grow your business within a business.


You need to make a commitment to not only invest money in your education but also your time and energy.


Always be learning and always be getting better at what you do.   Even the professional baseball players hit the batting cage every day. So start hitting the batting cage daily and you will become a pro.



5. Don’t Try To Do It All Alone

goonies Having the approach and attitude that you will “save money and do it yourself” is going to cost you way more than it will ever save you.


It will not only cost you more money but also your most valuable asset Time.


The way you punch that in the face is by getting help from qualified people.People that have been where you are and also people who are straight up kick ass at what they do.


If you are not a graphic designer, do not attempt to be. If you are not a website designer, don’t start now. You get what I am saying right?


If you try to do everything on your own, you will never reach your true potential of a thriving business within a business.


Hook up with the right people to help you where and with what they can.   Go out and find your team of your go-to peeps together. It will pay you back in huge way.

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Branding For Car Sales

Let us wrap this up.


I have provided you with five of the top strategies/tips to start building your business within a business selling cars at a dealership.


I hope to see you take action on all or any of these you currently are not doing.


I am happy to chat with anyone regarding their personal brand strategy. Hit me up lets chat!


So get busy quitting your job in car sales and take these five tips and start building your business within a business.