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Are you an entrepreneur or sales professional who wants to sell more product and position yourself as the go-to EXPERT in your marketplace?

Good. Then, you’re in the right place. Welcome to my site RobertWiesman.com. I am Robert Wiesman and I’ll be your right-hand man while we dive into building YOUR high-quality PERSONAL BRAND that does all the selling for you.

What Is A “Quality” Personal Brand? 

Personal Branding is the art of selling and positioning YOU as the go-to, trusted authority in your marketplace. A local celebrity that people line up to do business with.

Who doesn’t want that?

There are sales pro’s and entrepreneurs who are desperately trying to build a quality personal brand (most unsuccessfully).

The reason I call it “quality personal branding” is that I bring a different approach then most to the table…
Check it out.

Cookie Cutter Personal Branding: 

  • Thinking that having a logo, fancy business card and a website is personal branding. These are components to a QUALITY personal brand, but they are not what makes your personal brand.
  • Having no brand “specialization”. Being a generalist makes it extremely challenging to attract the first-class clients and prospects you want to work with.
  • Using social media, your website and other online platforms to talk about you and your products/services.

QUALITY Personal Branding: 

  • Whether you are an entrepreneur or employed sales professional, your personal brand is a real business and you treat it that way.
  • You have a unique “specialization” that is compelling and valuable to your target prospects. You are not trying to speak to everyone but yet to just one segment of the market.
  • You publish content both online and off that delivers real value and answers questions that your target prospects are asking.


When you architect a “quality personal brand” that you unleash into your desired marketplace with the right message, tailored to WOW and appeal a certain segment of the marketplace, magical things will happen.

A “cookie cutter personal brand” will not yield the same longterm results as a “quality personal brand” and I am pretty sure just by the brief comparison above, you can see why.

Here is how it works:

Ok, if you’re ready to get started with unleashing your QUALITY personal brand… the first thing I need to know is whether you are currently actively building your personal brand or not. So, let me ask you…

Are You Actively Working On And Building Your Personal Brand? 

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