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I made and have continued to make every costly mistake in the book when it comes to building my personal brand and it pains me to see so many car pros just like you making crucial branding mistakes.
The biggest mistake car sales professionals are making when it comes to their branding is they are trying to build their personal brand before they even architect it.
Way to many car salespeople think they are building a quality personal brand but they are not.
They think posting on social media, making video walk arounds, having swag for customers and maybe even have a website is what makes a personal brand. They are wrong.
The actions and strategies I listed above are designed to promote and get your brand out there. To distribute it to your marketplace.
They are not your brand. What sense does it make spending money on promo for your brand before you have even architected what actually makes your brand.
I am going to take you into what really makes your personal brand and how to architect it like a pro.
Branding For Car Sales

How To Architect Your Personal Brand In Car Sales

1. Vision & Mission

Look, I know you have heard it before, but I am going to say it again… If you do not know where you going, how the hell you gonna ever get there? Like for reals!
That is what defining your personal brand mission and vision does for you. It lays out where you are going and more importantly how you are going to get there.
Your personal brand vision
The vision of your personal brand is the “where you are going”. What do you want to be known for when it comes to car sales in your marketplace?
What are your goals and what do want to accomplish in your marketplace?
Your vision is for you, not for your clients or prospects. It is for you and to help craft the direction of your brand and its actions.
Example of a car sales professional vision statement

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.34.06 PM
Your personal brand mission
As you may have guessed the mission of your personal brand is the actions and roadmap I guess you could say for bringing your vision to life.
This is the part of your brand where you detail what exactly you are going to do that will move you closer to reaching your brand vision.
Like your brand vision, your mission does not need to be for public consumption. It can also be just for you and anyone else onboard helping you with your personal brand.
Example of a car sales professional mission statement 

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.33.47 PM


2. Focus Customer

Some of the best advice I learned in business in general is that “if you try to sell to everybody you will sell to nobody”. Everyone is not your customer.
When you have a certain customer segment targeted you will know the direction to take with your brand as far as the messaging, marketing and unique value proposition.
Know who the kinda of customer is you want your brand to attract and the ones you want to repel.


3. Unique Value Proposition

Crafting your brand a compelling unique value proposition (UVP) can be the difference between having a powerful personal brand or having your brand be a dud.
Once you know your brands vision & mission and have identified your focus prospect, creating a compelling UVP that connects with your prospects becomes much easier.
Your UVP is designed to inform the marketplace on why working with you to purchase their next vehicle is the best option for them. Hands down.
It is important to build your UVP based off the wants, needs and problems your target client is facing when it comes to their automotive needs.


Launch A Personal Brand That Attracts Car Shoppers

There is no reason to shoot from the hip when it comes to building your personal brand.
Architect your personal brand first by executing the three steps above and you will not only have a personal brand with direction and meaning, you will attract more of the prospects you love working with.
Are you architecting your personal brand or just shooting from the hip hoping it connects with someone, with anyone?