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Creating and unleashing your personal brand into the marketplace is hands down the most powerful way you can stand out from the next guy.


A personal brand is much more than just a website, fancy business card or a custom logo.


All personal brands are not created equal. Handfuls of people are doing a very poor job at building their personal brand, and that can be worse than no branding at all.


In this post/ episode of the Car Pro Insider Podcast, you’ll learn the three keys to a successful personal brand so you can avoid creating a brand that flops.


The Three Key Ingredients For A Successful Personal Brand

1. Keep It Simple And Clear

Any kinda of exposure or experience someone may have with your personal brand, you want them to leave with knowing who you are and what you do.


A killer website, with dope graphics and flashy brochure, is just the packaging. The wrapping paper.


Keep your brand’s messaging clear and simple. Don’t over do it by trying to tell prospects all the reasons they should choose you to do business with.


Keep it clear, concise and simple.



2. Specialization

Specialization is the single most important element of your personal brand that is going to help you stand out in your marketplace.


To get noticed in today’s noisy marketplace you have to stand out from all the other car salespeople out there.


Specialists attract higher quality prospects and can charge more for their services. That is true even in the car sales industry.


So many car salespeople claim to know this already, but don’t practice it.


Dial in on your specialization and watch higher quality car shoppers start to line up to do business with you.



3. Consistency

Today more than ever people’s attention is being pulled in more directions than ever, and marketers are all lining up to get their eyeballs on them.


In most cases, people will not start noticing and appreciating your brand your brand until they have been exposed multiple times.


Consistently deliver your brand’s message with the same voice, same visuals and same tine.


Create your basic and simple message and keep it in front of people as often as possible. Don’t try to convey different messages. Stick to one and pound it into your marketplace.

Personal Branding Takes Time And Commitment

A personal brand doesn’t happen overnight and requires patience, commitment and lots of execution.


You won’t starting seeing results right away, but if you stick with it and keep plugging away, you will start to see amazing results and start to position yourself as the go-to in your marketplace.


If you want to speed up your personal branding efforts, you should take a look at my Automotive Personal Branding Academy.


The Personal Branding Academy is an A to Z blueprint showing you exactly how to create and launch a winning personal brand in automotive sales.

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