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There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not contacted by a car sales pro who is looking to generate more leads for themselves and who can blame them right?


Recently I have come across a new tool that is perfect for the car sales professional who is looking to generate their leads and stand out in their marketplace.


In this episode of the go-to car sales podcast “The Car Pro Insider, ” we are going to do something different. For the first time, we are going to welcome our first guest.


In this episode, we are happy to sit down and chop it up with Ms. Dana Croft who is with Card Tapp/Auto Tapp.

Card Tapp helps sales professionals retain customers, capture more referrals, and make more sales with your personally branded app.

In the past Card Tapp has been more real estate and mortgage industry focused, but recently they launched Auto Tapp who is focused on building branded apps for automotive salespeople.


The Car Sales Professional Personal App

I am the first one to admit, when I first saw these apps in the marketplace I laughed to myself and thought the apps were a waste and just another shiny thing. It turns out I was wrong.


The better I got to know Dana Croft, the more she smartened me up about Auto Tapp and the potential of what these apps can do for today’s car sales professional.


The Auto Tapp personal apps are revolutionizing the business card as we know it and if I were still grinding it out on the front lines, I would most certainly have one. Whether I already had a website or not.


Having your personal app will help you differentiate yourself and be memorable in your marketplace.


car salesperson app

Auto Tapp App Home Page


How The Car Salesperson Personal App Works

Engage Your Prospects

With an Auto Tapp app, your prospects will have easy access to all your information, (and content if you are creating it) all your dealerships inventory, and an easy to use payment calculator.


The backend dashboard that you have access to with Auto Tapp allows you to capture buying signals from prospects.

app for car sales professional

Auto Tapp Car Pro App Dashboard

Track & Capture Buying Signals

Every time a prospect scrolls through your inventory or opens your app to view some of your information, you will know about it.


You have the ability to monitor prospects activity on your app. Pretty dope, right?


You can instantly see in real time any and all actions a prospect is executing while on your app.

automotive sales professional app

Share Your App Easily With Anyone


Generate More Referrals

When you share your app with past customers, new leads, family or friends and they then share your app with others for you; you collect the information of whoever they shared it too.


Whether they open your app up or not you will have the contact information for a fresh new lead you can follow up with.


The Auto Tapp app makes collecting and following up with referrals a piece of cake and who doesn’t want any more referrals?

Sell More Cars With Your Own Branded Personal App

Your personal app will help you keep your prospects engaged whether they are at the dealership or not.


Every time someone uses or shares your app, you will get real-time notifications so you can prioritize who to follow up with and who the serious prospects are.


Dana Croft goes deeper into the power of the Auto Tapp app and also gives some real life examples of car salespeople who are seeing great results from their app.


If you are interested and want to learn more about the Auto Tapp app and see one in action text the word AUTO to 31996 and you will get a link to a live demo.


If you are ready to take action on your very own Auto Tapp app make sure to mention you heard Dana on “The Car Pro Insider Podcast” and you will receive $200 off your app! That’s huge!


Get in touch with Dana Croft and get your personal Car Sales app off the ground now!

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