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Blogging, is something not nearly enough car salespeople are tapping into and it leaves a lot of opportunities on the table.


Most car sales professionals are active on social media and are investing time into a social strategy but are missing the boat when it comes to blogging.

Consistently creating quality blog posts increases the chances of you showing up in prospects online search results when they are cruising the web looking for info, answers, solutions, etc.

Social media is a powerful channel to help you sell more cars, but it is not as effective at getting you love on Google than a blogging strategy.


In this episode of “The Car Pro Insider Podcast,” we are going to go even deeper into why you need to implement a blogging strategy right now.


Why The Modern Car Sales Professional Should Be Blogging

Gives You More Search Engine Exposure

Ninety percent of car sales kick off with a prospect busting out google and typing a search.


When a prospect is searching on a search engine their intent level is high. They are looking for information or help on something in particular.


The more quality blog posts you publish on your website the higher the probability you will show up in an online search.


If you invest the sweat and time into creating well crafted blog posts that address the common searches by prospects in your market place, you will show up in search even faster!


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Builds Authority

Once you start crafting posts your marketplace and community is searching the web for people will start visiting your blog.


The more blog posts you publish that provide value, answer questions, entertain, educate or that solves problems, the more people will look to you as an authority on the topic.


When you become a resource for prospects in your market place online they will see you as the authority, the go-to, the expert and everyone wants to do biz with an expert. Don’t you?


Being looked at as your markets go-to authority will help you build trust with prospects in your market place without ever even having a real life conversation with them.

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Builds An Audience

The more eyeballs on you the more opportunities to make sales you have.


Blogging has the potential to build an audience of people you have never met but already know, like and trust you.


The more quality posts you publish will enhance your authority which then leads to building an audience of possible prospects in your market place.


When you have an audience people know who you are. If people don’t know who you are they can never buy from you. Once they know who you are they can start to like you, then trust you, which then leads to doing business with you.

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Generate Leads

Once you have started building an audience from your blogging you will then start to generate leads from it.


As I mentioned above when you have an audience people know you and then they can become a lead for you or even send you a referral lead.


Creating quality blog posts will increase your audience/people that know who you are, which will generate you more leads.


What’s even better than that is your blog will prospect leads for you around the clock regardless of what you are doing. Your blog is open 24/7 and is always working for you.

build a personal brand in car sales

Long-term Value And Results

The beautiful part about a blogging strategy is the longterm value and results it will deliver.


After you put in the work to crafting a quality blog post and publish it to the web, it will be working for you around the clock. How efficient is that?


You put in the work only one time and that blog post will continue to deliver you results in the future as long as it is still relevant.


Your post will continue to show up in Google searches, build your authority, build your audience and generate you leads for as long as you want it to.


Your blog is like having your own dedicated sales team all working for you.




A Blogging Strategy Is Not For The Short Term Car Salespeople

The harsh reality is if you are not in the car sales business for the long game this won’t be for you. A blog strategy is for serious player in the car game that is in it for the long haul.


Blogging isn’t hard, but it isn’t exactly easy and it will take consistency on your part. The longer you stick to it the more results you will get.


Like I said, blogging isn’t easy, but it is a powerful and easy way to separate you from the rest of the car salespeople in your market place and start creating your own sales opportunities.


The “up bus” is for the amateurs. Which one are you?


Have you put a blogging strategy in action? If so, how is it working for you?


If you haven’t, what is holding you back?


Let me know in the comments below!

Listen to this episode of “The Car Pro Insider Podcast”: